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Re: [IAC#RG] Please control your corrupt / incompetent Minister.

I fully agree with this point of view of Dr Sarabjeet Roy.

Shailendra Singh 
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Shri Arvind Kejriwal,

Chief Minister of NCT Delhi


Dear Chief Minister,

I refer to your Government's full page advertisement (masquerading as news) on page 2 of Hindustan Times, New Delhi today (15 July 2016)

I am shocked by that part of the advertisement which praises the so-called Aam Aadmi mohalla clinics and also that you are allowing your name (as the only properly qualified person in your ministry ?) to be associated with this US sponsored health scam being pushed through to use / purchase / test sub-standard and/or untested and/or undertested medical devices such as the "SwasthyaSlate" being promoted by PHFI (Public health Foundation of India).which is founded by US scamster convicted felon Rajat Gupta or even untested / expired vaccines.

I am further shocked that your Govt advt. is deceitfully quoting situationally unqualified persons like some US based Vivek Wadhwa (Wikipedia says he is only a Bachelor of Arts with an MBA) to mislead that the Washington Post says that "it may well be time for America to build mohalla clinics in its cities". I must ask you to clarify if the Washington Post actually said this or it was only Mr. Wadhwa's personal (and unqualified) opinion in his technology column there?

I am also concerned that your AAP govt has wasted lakhs of Delhi citizen's money (ie. my money) for countering the propaganda of some of your former party members called "AVAM" who are challenging your Govt's competence in such matters when instead it could have been used for improving GNCTD's appalling education system.

For instance I am shocked to see in the impugned advertisment the same (or a very similar) photograph of you, alongwith Mr.Satyendar Jain (your Health Minister) and Ms. Alka Lamba (your party spokesperson) administering unspecified medical liquids to an infant who allegedly (as per the say of your former partymen who are now in AVAM) died as a result of your drug administrations. You are doubtless well aware of what I am referring to since the AVAM picture(s) were circulating on social media and are even on Wikipedia for quite some time now with the clear reference to 3 babies being murdered that day and 11 babies being rushed to hospital after the three of you administered medicines to infants at Majnu-ka-Tilla.

It is therefore a tragedy for the Indian anti-corruption movement that when highly qualified medical  child specialists like, say,  Dr. Munish Raizada (MD FAAP - neonatologist practicing in USA) were there as volunteers for your party work, you kicked them out so as to have a semi-qualified ex-Govt architect supervising highly complex medical department and allowing all these foreign (USA) carpet baggers like PHFI to allegedly conduct unsupervised testing of their devices on our semi-literate Delhi women as their "guinea pigs". Such things would never have been allowed in a first world country and it is well known that there are huge (black) kickbacks given to have such testing done in  poor countries.

Accordingly, I really must ask you to urgently enquire into this public scandal within / by your Health Deprtment and safeguard Delhi's women and lives of their newborn kids and stop these medical testing / trial rackets being obviously conducted with the connivance of your Heath Minister or his senior officers in the cloak of running Aam Aadmi mohalla clinics.


with best wishes

Sarbajit Roy

for Delhi Dialogue Commission

(an initiative of "India Against Corruption")

B-59 Defence Colony,
New Delhi 110024
M: +91-8010205897

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