Friday, July 15, 2016


Usurping is a wrong word used. You all wise learned intellectuals talk about democracy but do not respect it. Wheather you like it or not we have to function with this Govt till 2019. They have usurped nothing to come to power. Please do not insult the electorate who got bored with the Italian govt and wanted a change. I request the admin to remove me. I joined to learn from experts. I am disappointed.

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After usurping power in May 2014, Narendra Modi had amongst other things vowed that his would be a compact and sleak government. But with the recent cabinet expansion he seems to have kissed goodbye to his promise of "minimum government, maximum governance". He now has a fleet of 77 ministers which almost equals the strength of the previous Congress led UPA government.

Narendra Modi may have inducted some professionals in his now jumbo team but it will not mask the vicious and rotten agenda of the RSS driven BJP.  And while the Prime Minister continues to merrily tour the world, for the Aam Aadmi the promised 'Acche din' remains an elusive dream. 

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