Monday, January 22, 2018

[IAC#RG] Netaji Subhash chander Bose-a true nationalist, pateiot and revolutionary.


Today being his birthday let us pay tributes to Netaji S,C Bose a true nationalist,patriot and revolutionary.

I have just finished reading his speeches which he broadcast from 1939 to 1945 after he left India when he was mostly in the Far east from Burma to Japan and Grmany addressed to fellow Idnians.

How inspiring they were and how optimist he was that Freedom for India is just around the corner, needs some sacrifice and he will return to the motherland to give final blow to british occupation.

He was a true nationalist and revolutionary and continued his fight against british and later Anglo American imperialism. His contribution to India,s freedom has not been adequately appreciated-delibrately

laterday congress leadership. Even now only lip service is being paid by the P.M otherwise he would not try to get close to the Americans who have essentislly replaced  British imperialism to dominate the world. You really feel the leadership today have forgotten his ideals an sense of sacrice for the motherland. I would strongly urge all to know more about his life,ideals ,sacrifices and optimism against all odds. JAI HIND.

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