Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Re: [IAC#RG] Alternatives to parliamentary democracy ?


There are numerous areas in Hindustan which have been liberated from the forces of neo-imperialism to implement people's democracy.

You can see for yourself from the recent Indian elections in Gujarat that the imperialist forces have been sufficiently driven into the urban zones where they can be easily beseiged and liberated by the toiling masses

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 Great idea - Has it been practiced (to your satisfaction) anywhere in the world even in a small scale, where we can get inspiration? Otherwise it is only utopian - just your wish

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The alternative to parliamentary democracy is people's democracy where it is the people, and not a few moneybags, who decide the destiny of the country and their own lives.

Peoples democracy is seen from the grassroots level to the top and not vice versa. Here, people are supreme and decisions are made through gram sabhas, assemblies of the people and not by invisible hands.

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