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Re: [IAC#RG] Is there a difference between Kejriwal and a common prostitute ?

Unbelievable - some one paraphrasing the name of the revolutionary Bagha Jatin - spouts such vile casteist and racist hatred, leading up to threatening genocide of other Indians.

Truly, the communists (and socialists and collectivists of all hues) are the bane of any human progress or civilisation. India is doubly cursed in this regard - with its thought process corrupted by two great collectivist forces - socialism/communism and religion.


On 6 January 2018 at 10:49, Jatin Bagha <> wrote:
>> ​I am unable to understand where we are heading with such shallow arguments. Those who want to do something concrete should say show their intent or provide a solution.

There was a great betrayal of the Indian people in 2010-12 by a baniya controlled conspiracy, at a turning point where there was a glorious opportunity to overturn the corrupt system and replace it with a new order.

HRA has seen the IAC has successfully adapted since then by realising that baniyas (as a class) and their political party system cannot be trusted, and are the natural class enemies of the Indian people.
Factually, almost every corruption related problem in India can be ultimately traced to baniya community and the business-neta-judiciary nexus.

There is no point asking for proof, holding vigilance enquiry, appointing committees of inquiry, or going off  to baniya controlled courts. These are all the standard devices of corruption devised by baniyas to fool the Indian people. The proof will only come out when the baniya is cowering before a Hindustani people's court and confessing his guilt in public before his victims.

If you want intent of IAC, I suspect it is anti-baniya.

If you want solution of IAC, I predict it will be the same as Hitler's final solution for the baniyas of Germany.

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 6:09 PM, Himangshu Vaish <> wrote:
On 5 January 2018 at 13:44, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 9:31 AM, Sandeep gupta <> wrote:
The questions arise:
1. Whether are persons owning billion of rupees are dishonest

I personally know very few (actually zero) persons who are billionaires honestly or who did not inherit dirty billions. As a fighting fauji we did not interact much with bania traders.
​​Do you think it is better that those who don't know how to work and make money are put in command? Do we like below 33% category to rule India? Should Rajya Sabha MPS be from BPL category only? Are the 2 Gupta's the only billionaires in RS? 
2. is there any proof of selling of seat or is there any proof of three nominated persons to be involved in criminal or corrupt activities

You are speaking like a milk drinking child. A RS seat is a blank cheque for Rs.100 crores and Kejriwal has encashed them in case of these 2 Guptas (BTW are they your relatives that you defend them?).
If we go by this assumption, other Political parties would have also got this money from people from other castes. BTW are they related to you, that you are quiet about them?
3. Why the persons pointing fingers do not show guts to make complaint seeking vigilance enquiry.

Because the entire system is so corrupt any vigilance enquiry is a waste of time. Kejriwal needs the money and support from these banias to pay the certain 100+ crore fine in Jaitley defamation case.
Ke​jariwal needs money for something, others need it for something else. Please identify what they need it for?

4. If Kejriwal is not speaking, can it be taken as his guilt

Definitely. This was such a bad decision that he left it to Sisodia to justify.
Most US Presidents don't respond to criticism. They let others fight their battles and they win. These are time tested strategies, why only criticise Kejariwal when others ​also do the same?
5. Is kejriwal bound to respond to baseless and vague allegations

Definitely not. Howver, these are specific allegations that he sold his party's RS seats to these Guptas. He should reply.
Since ​you say every seat is sold for 100 Cr make the same allegations against Modi, Rahul and other heads of political parties and see how many respond. 
6. Does being a member of Congress party and then switching over to AAP become a crime

No it does not. What it does show is that AAP is a bania capitalist party and has lost all rights to claim to be against corruption.
 By this logic, since someone or the other has switched from one party to another, all parties are bania capitalist parties!   ​
7. How Kumar Vishwas is more qualified that those nominated

This is not about Kumar Vishwas who is as corrupt as any other RSS boy (including Kejriwal) who infiltrated the IAC movement.
8. Can a lesser known face (as both guptas who are nominated are called) be given a certificate of not being involved in charitable activities
Chaudhary Birender Singh a Rajya Sabha Member openly admitted that Rajya Sabha seats were available for Rs. 100 crore. 

Why these so called persons did not seek investigation then

As a Gen Secy of IAC you should ask Anil Ambani, KD Singh, Vijay Mallya, Rajkumar Dhoot etc. such questions instead
I am unable to understand where we are heading with such shallow arguments. Those who want to do something concrete should say show their intent or provide a solution.
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