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Re: [IAC#RG] Is there a difference between Kejriwal and a common prostitute ?

Supratim, I liked the strength of your argument. The romanticism of correcting the society by going behind  the castes or surnames is so superfluous and unreal. This mindset has blocked our progress for generations and a section still exist who uses the caste lens for viewing every ailments of the society thereby proliferating it more. Let's lead by our wisdom and not "frustration".  

On 07-Jan-2018, at 12:46 PM, Supratim Basu <> wrote:

For all those espousing socialism, and thinking that this is the "Indian" way, do remember that the entire battle of Mahabharata was about property rights, and individual rights and individual honour and respect. Not collectivism and "common rights" (if such a thing could ever exist). If I were to really, really distill the central message of Gita, it is about how each individual *must* act, according to his own integrity and ability, and the impact that has on the commons/society - not about how societal or common norms must be adhered to or is supreme or that the individual must bow down to the collective. It is ALL about individual action and responsibility for that action.

Bharatvarsha/India was never a collectivist society - unfortunately, we have forgotten both our itihaas and our smriti.  And, embraced an evil, insidious foreign ideology called Socialism - if there is a conspiracy theory, it is this - the English injected socialism in our veins, so that India could never compete on the global stage.

Do think about it.

On 7 January 2018 at 12:26, Supratim Basu <> wrote:
So, the IAC and/or the HRA are  not only Socialist but pure casteist organisations?

Everything is to be seen through the lenses of birth-based caste ideology??? Someone is to be determined superior/inferior based on their last names? Whole communities (instead of individuals) of India are to be slandered and villified based on their birth? Not their actual work or actions? And, you call yourself a "defender" of the Hindu faith? Is that what the Shri Bhagwad tells you?

And, then, the IAC keeps on denouncing foreigners, foreign capital and foreign influence, but swears by a foreign ideology (Socialism)??? The irony of that is indeed superb. To ignore the works of Acharya Chanakya, and instead pledge one-selves to the philosophy of Marx, Engels and Keynes - how brilliant is that, oh my swadeshi folks??

And, sure, go ahead and explain to me more what bengali words mean - that should be an interesting past time. But, giving yourself the appellation of Bagha, while being a keyboard warrior and calling for genocide against our own people - that is only a sordid insult to the memory of Bagha Jatin. You can only be a "taash goru", not a real Bengali to do so.

I am done (with IACHRA, too - if they actually support your vile thought process/inclinations), you can go ahead and spout as much as you want, now.

On 6 January 2018 at 22:22, Jatin Bagha <> wrote:
Yes Mr. Basu

IAC is a SOCIALIST (and therefore 'collectivist') andolan of HRA.

You may not know it, but "Bagha" means big cat (like tiger or lion). The revolutionary title of "Bagha" is only given within warrior classes like Brahmins and Kshatriyas, and it is very rare for it to be given to lesser castes like Kayasthas or Baniyas.

In HRA the Bagha title is bestowed only on those of our Khalsa, ie. "pure" initiated warriors who uphold and defend our great national religion through violence. Sikhs had a similar title "Singh" (lion) but it is now overused and today even baniyas and lalas of Sikhism are calling themselves as Singhs.

HRA is always socialist and can never be communist, but probably an atheist capitalist like yourself would not know the great differences between socialism and communism.

Coming back to the topic. It is clear that AAP by its RS nominations is exposed as a "Manuwadi" party who can't accept Dalits and Brahmins. It is also clear that those Baniyas (including their foreign Baniya and overseas Jew financiers) who control AAP through brokers like Ashish Talwar are positioning AAP to concentrate the Baniya and Punjabi votebanks of Delhi, leaving the Dalit, Brahmin, Purvanchali and Muslim votebanks for the Congress and BJP to fight over.

Jai Hind

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 11:49 AM, Supratim Basu <> wrote:
Unbelievable - some one paraphrasing the name of the revolutionary Bagha Jatin - spouts such vile casteist and racist hatred, leading up to threatening genocide of other Indians.

Truly, the communists (and socialists and collectivists of all hues) are the bane of any human progress or civilisation. India is doubly cursed in this regard - with its thought process corrupted by two great collectivist forces - socialism/communism and religion.


On 6 January 2018 at 10:49, Jatin Bagha <> wrote:
>> ​I am unable to understand where we are heading with such shallow arguments. Those who want to do something concrete should say show their intent or provide a solution.

There was a great betrayal of the Indian people in 2010-12 by a baniya controlled conspiracy, at a turning point where there was a glorious opportunity to overturn the corrupt system and replace it with a new order.

HRA has seen the IAC has successfully adapted since then by realising that baniyas (as a class) and their political party system cannot be trusted, and are the natural class enemies of the Indian people.
Factually, almost every corruption related problem in India can be ultimately traced to baniya community and the business-neta-judiciary nexus.

There is no point asking for proof, holding vigilance enquiry, appointing committees of inquiry, or going off  to baniya controlled courts. These are all the standard devices of corruption devised by baniyas to fool the Indian people. The proof will only come out when the baniya is cowering before a Hindustani people's court and confessing his guilt in public before his victims.

If you want intent of IAC, I suspect it is anti-baniya.

If you want solution of IAC, I predict it will be the same as Hitler's final solution for the baniyas of Germany.

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