Friday, January 5, 2018

Re: [IAC#RG] Is there a difference between Kejriwal and a common prostitute ?

How long will we keep analysing Indian Politics, Politicians and situations   only with caste lens? Our mindset never goes beyond the caste consideration while analysing any situation. Disgusting.

On 05-Jan-2018, at 1:22 PM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:

What is wrong is as follows

Aam Aadmi Party is "A-team of Congress and B-team of BJP"

Role of AAP is reduced to putting up dummy candidates to split the the
eletoral vote in favour of whoever (among BJP or Congress) is paying
them so that EVM machines can be rigged

Clear signal from these RS nominations is that AAP needs support of
"Bania Economics" to survive in politics. read

We at IAC did not pay the bania card for votes/notes - Kejriwal did by
saying ""I am a baniya, and I know my dhanda.".

The so-called IAC of Kejriwal was packed with banias, Yadavs and
Vaish's etc. Kejriwal's fake IAC (which was later renamed as AAP and
incorporated as political party to launder the Ramlila maidan cash
collections and overseas donations) was financed by banias to ensure
that bania corruption, looting and overcharging would continue.

Kejriwal's own widely reported statement betrays implicit
acknowledgments that he is a bania and a pimp/whore ("dhanda").

Today no political party can operate without banias, their money and
their protection networks. The entire nation has been corrupted by
this particular community and democracy is an eyewash..

So where is democracy and anti-corruption today within AAP ? Instead
the entire AAP is packed with banias in key positions, and Kejriwal
has even designated 2 notorious former presstitute banias Ashutosh
Gupta and Ashish Khaitan as his personal deal fixers.

On 1/5/18, Himangshu R Vaish <> wrote:
What's wrong with bania selecting bania; aren't others selecting their own?
Why this bias against banias? Can you do a dna analysis of all?

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On 05-Jan-2018, at 3:54 AM, pushpendra singh <>

Typical BJP - no proof yet a smear campaign
The old saying applies - when 1 finger points at another 4 are pointing at
the accuser.

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