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Re: [IAC#RG] Is there a difference between Kejriwal and a common prostitute ?


The fact remains that caste considerations and parochial sentiments are becoming more pronounced otherwise there was no need for the PM to invoke these issues repeatedly during Gujrat election.

Likwise when we talk about corruption the two main culprits are politicians in cohorts with babus as beneficiaries and the business class including industrialists who give bribes to politicians for a consideration.

Obviously it becomes evident that a certain caste/community  are controlling business and industry  not now but even during cononial rule. It will reveal the pattern or predominance of that community/class from all scams that have come to light during the last 70 years. The issue under discussion is which community Kejriwal comes from and what were the considerations which promted him to name two novices for Rajya Sabha Seats from the same community. Regds 

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We will keep analyzing corruption in terms of caste whenever Rahul Gandhi says "I am a Brahmin and also General Secretary of the (Congress) party", till Kejriwal says "I am a Baniya and know my dhandha", and till BJP keeps appointing religious hoodlums as their chief ministers, MPs and MLAs.

We will keep raising issues couched in caste terms till the arch symbol of bania hegemony in India, ie. picture of Gandhi on every currency note, is not removed.

We will keep raising caste as a corrupting issue so long as there is even 1 paise of caste based reservation (for seats or jobs) in India

If you have a problem being in IAC under these terms there is no shortage of political parties looking for volunteer drones

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How long will we keep analysing Indian Politics, Politicians and situations   only with caste lens? Our mindset never goes beyond the caste consideration while analysing any situation. Disgusting.

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What is wrong is as follows

Aam Aadmi Party is "A-team of Congress and B-team of BJP"

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