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From: Justice Kamleshwar Nath <>
Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Subject: FW: Press Release

Dear All,

This 'Forwarded' Mail tells about the of events of FAST-UNTO-DEATH on
30.1.2011 by mentioned Satyagrahis of Gandhian Satyagraha Brigade.

To Sri Roy, it is in continuation of an earlier E-mail sent by me to him
just a few minutes ago.


From the Desk of :

Justice Kamleshwar Nath
: Up-Lokayukta ( Karnataka ), Vice Chairman - C.A.T ( Allahbad ),
 Judge - High Court ( Lucknow & Allahbad )
`Gunjan', C - 105, Niralanagar, Lucknow : 226 020. Uttar Pradesh, India
An All India NGO of Gandhian Persuasion, Registered Under the
Societies Registration Act, 1860
NEW DELHI - 110 024

              February 3, 2011
                                                PRESS RELEASE

Our five Satyagrahis, namely Sh. Shambu Duttji (93) & Ms R.S. Devi
(84), Gandhians, who participated in 1942 Quit India movement and were
imprisoned, and Sh. Murari Lal (90), Sh. Amarnath (89) and Sh E James
Rajasekaran started their Fast-unto-Death on 30th of Jan. at
Jantarmantar to demand (i) Appointment of an effective Lokpal,
repeatedly committed by major political parties, (ii) Disqualification
of the candidates seeking election to Parliament and State
Legislatures against whom serious criminal cases are pending (as
recommended by four Chief Election Commissioners) and (iii)
Confiscation of illegally acquired property of public servants
including Ministers, MPs and MLAs & their benami transactions. Through
out the day, hundreds of people from all walks of life and from
different parts of the country visited them. Sh Shambu Duttji and
other Gandhians were requested the whole day for interviews from
number of journalists and admirers. Renowned journalist Shri Kuldeep
Nayar also visited Gandhians to extend his wholehearted support for
the cause.

We are coordinating with 'India Against Corruption' in this crusade
and the undersigned attended its meetings. Sh Arvind Kejriwal had
asked us to request the Satyagrahis to postpone their fast which
started from Jan. 30th since it clashed with their rally to which we
had expressed our reservation and told them that Satyagrahis' resolve
would in fact support their cause. Justice Sachar had a talk with
Swami Agnivesh who told me that he along with Kiran Bedi, Arvind
Kejriwal, Father Dominique, Teachers from Art of Living, Acharya from
Baba Ramdev Sect and many others would come to pay respect to these
Satyagrahis. He further informed that they planned to request
Satyagrahis to end their fast unto death since they all had resolved
to pursue the demand for Lokpal Bill with full force and public
support. In view of this development, I consulted all the members of
the working committee present at Jantarmantar (namely, Dr. Y.P. Anand,
Justice Rajindar Sachar, Shri R. Srinivasan, Shri B.R. Lall, Shri R.K.
Khandelwal, Shri Bhagvanji Raiyani, Prof Jagdeep Chhokar, Dr S K
Agarwal, Col. Karan Kharb and Shri P.S. Bawa) to know their views
about our proposed stand in case we were confronted with the situation
where all the above said persons along with hundreds of their
supporters made a request to Satyagrahis to break their
Fast-unto-Death. Every one thought that it would be extremely arrogant
if we don't agree with their request and for better support to the
cause it was definitely much wiser to put a joint front with the other
organisations pursuing the same cause. One member had a different
opinion but he too was quite concerned about the health of the
Satyagrahis. Advocate Prashant Bhushan and Justice Tewatia also came
to Jantarmantar to pay respect to Satyagrahis and they also requested
them to end their fast.  At about 6 pm on Jan. 30, all the above said
persons along with their supporters came to Jantarmantar and made a
passionate plea to the Satyagrahis to end their fast. Swami Agnivesh
told the gathering that since they all had taken up the cause to
demand an effective Lokpal Bill, the Satyagrahis therefore should not
continue their fast. Kiran Bedi also made a passionate and forceful
plea to Shri Shambhu Dutta Ji by saying, ' I am sitting at your feet
and will not get up till you end your fast'. Shri Shambu Dutt ji
explained to the gathering how we had been fighting for an effective
Lokpal and other two demands for the last so many years. He further
explained the background in which they were forced to undertake the
extreme step. The undersigned then informed the decision of the
Working Committee and others to the Satyagrahis to postpone their
fast. Justice Sachar, other members of the Working Committee, namely
Dr. Y P Anand Vice Chairman, Dr. SK Agarwal, Sh  PS Bawa and Col
Kharab also personally requested fasting Satyagrahis to postpone the
fast. Shri Shambu Dutta Ji then informed the gathering that because of
his love and respect for Swami Agnivesh, Kiran Bedi and others, he
would postpone the Fast-unto-Death for three months and hoped that
they would do their best to force the government to present an
effective Lokpal Bill at the earliest. Hundreds of people from all
walks of life clapped and welcomed this decision. Swami Agnivesh and
Kiran Bedi then offered  biscuits to the Satyagrahis to break their
fast. The undersigned thanked all for their support and commitment for
the cause and the gathering dispersed with lot of jubilations. The
month long Sataygraha that started on 1st of Jan 2011 with relay
hunger strike finished at Jantarmantar with a firm resolve to carry
forward the struggle with more zeal and gusto. The next morning the
undersigned briefed the GSSB Chairman Justice Kamleshwar Nath who
appreciated and approved the proceedings held on 30th Jan.
Ashok Arora
Hony General Secretary, GSSB

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