Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] Traitors hiding under Sonia's petticoat

Dear Shri Wazahat

This statement does not  correspond to information in public domain
about Ms. Roy.


Your confirming that her name is Aruna Jayaram and not Aruna Roy..

Your saying she is a Brahman. Her father ED Jayaram is a SC Hindu
who was converted later to Christian. He was advocate. By religion a
Theosophist and well known Freemason of Chennai also. Aruna Roy's
mother Hema Iyengar was of Brahmin caste before her love marriage to
Jayaram. After marriage Hema lost her caste and religion and described
herself as "freethinker" and also "atheist".

K Rajeshwar Rao

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 7:24 PM, wajahat <> wrote:
Aruna(my batch of IAS)'s real name: Aruna Jayaram, Brahman from Tamil Nadu

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From: "S.D. Sharma" <>
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 1:59 pm
Subject: [HumJanenge] Traitors hiding under Sonia's petticoat
To: humjanenge <>

> Few days back I put a query someone had emailed me to this group.
> A young lady researcher from Shri Lanka who is interviewing me for
> her project on Rajiv Gandhi assassination investigation, wanted to
> know why Sonia's NAC is packed with "communists,  atheists
> and secularists" and if it is true that practising Hindus and Muslims
> are excluded because Sonia Gandhi cannot stand being confined in
> the same room with them.  2 of the names we were discussing are
> those of Aruna Roy and Harsh Mander.
> These 2 people have many things in common. They are both converts
> from their parents religion. Harsh Mander is said to be a Sikh who
> cuts his hair to become a Catholic. Aruna Roy is said to be a Dalit
> Christian from Tamil Nadu who is the common law "wife" of another
> casteless (ie. "secular") Bengali fellow. Both of them were corrupt IAS
> officers who were given the option to resign from service or else be
> dismissed.
> Both these corrupt people have a high level godfather by name of
> Dr Naresh Saxena. He is the godfather of India's development mafia
> and is one of the biggest fixers of India and is totally in pocket of
> World Bank, IMF and Russian mafia. Saxena introduced Aruna
> Roy to Sonia for NAC-I, and then also got Harsh Mander inducted
> for NAC-II. These 3 person now collectively run the NAC on behalf
> of Sonia and KGB. Aruna Roy's "husband" gets international aid
> running into 20 CRORES each year from KGB front organisation
> located in Germany and other places in Europe.
> It is very well known that Sonia Gandhji was a agent of former
> KGB under the real name of Antonia Maino. The former Law
> minister Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has published all papers for
> this on his party's website and defied Sonia Gandhi to sue him.
> Citizens who file RTI requests seeking to know information
> on Sonia's religion are blocked by the corrupt courts.
> Therefore, citizens of India, have the right to know Aruna Roy's
> real name and religion, and Sonia Gandhi's real name and religion.
> These people are public servants, as defined in Indian Penal Code.
> Public interest requires this information be disclosed.
> Some people say their religion is HUMANISM. Other people
> say their only religion is POWER & CORRUPTION.
> S D Sharma

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