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[HumJanenge] Re: "Hang the corrupt, fumes Supreme Court" - President of India should forthwith start the orders of hanging corrupt politicians commencing with Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee...

Dear Honourable Members,

First of all let me thank Mr Vaghela for raising the level to bring into loop the top political brass as also the top government officials.

This is so shameful that SC has asked the government to return 2500 Cr along with 4 % interest to Vodafone. 4 % interest for two years comes to 200 Cr. Thus the government will pay back 2700 Cr to Vodafone.

A big question, is the IT dept competent enough to discharge the sacred duty of collecting legitimate tax from the tax payers hard earned money so that the country can really run ? This is the worst example in the world where a mockery of levying tax has been made. Ironically, it is to the world's No 1 cellular company by revenue, Vodafone. Even in such a high profile case having international ramifications on countries and companies deciding to invest in India, our  incompetent IT dept has adopted their usual brazen work philosophy "I would tax you first in all cases. You please go and fight it out if you can prove yourself to be innocent". How true has this come and matched with the private admission of IT officials that they identify the big fish and put a zero after the total taxable income. In this case, instead of putting a zero they have simply made Vodafone lie down. India's IT dept as also Bombay HC judge(s) have put the country to International shame with such incompetent handling. In fact, the impression goes like this that either any thing can be got done in India through bribes, rules or no rules, or the Indian governance and judicial machinery is one of the most incompetent so let's do business in India and make as much money as we want. All it requires is to keep the people who matter in our pocket.  

In any private company, all heads would have rolled if it incurred loss due to incompetent executives. Here, the country has to pay extra 200 Cr, a loss which resulted only due to utter negligence and brazenness of IT dept and misinterpretation of laws by Bombay HC judge(s). We want to know what action is being taken to set things right and convey a right message to the world.

This is only the tip of the ice berg. India is a very large market where consumption is huge, only second to China. Through such a huge consumption, the world comes to India and makes money despite the incompetence in governance. Vodafone, the world No 1 cellular company came to India in 2007 after spending a whopping 54,000 Cr for what, only to milk the huge Indian consumption for telecom services. Today, in about four years of operations, they have the largest revenue contribution from India in all their global properties. Imagine, if we have competence in governance, our GDP would grow more than 10 % and even beat China. Thus, dear friends, this is very clear that India is paying such a heavy price for one of the lowest levels of competence in the governance in the world that we do not even realize that our GDP actually deserves to be more than 10 % Y-o-Y and our government highlights its achievement by being happy with 7.6 %. Thanks to the people of our country that we have some name in the world.

To come to the point. Friends, we urgently need a fool proof National E Governance Plan (NEGP) and its time bound implementation. Please think as to how through the RTI Act, we can force the government to upgrade an archaic, worthless NEGP 2005 lying with Dept of IT (DIT) to modern NEGP 2012, put a high class professional structure like E Sreedharan's DMRC in place and implement the same in five years 2016. Providing, good governance to the country is the direct responsibility of the honourable PM and never of the DIT. Therefore, this must be driven by the honourable PM himself and not left up to DIT, Plg Commission or NAC.  While netas waste precious time in Lokpal debates, it is high time that the honourable PM took charge of NEGP 2012 rather than leaving it up to any one else and shoulder the national responsibility to deliver its fool proof implementation to the country by 2016. DIT is only an implementation agency. All ministries and dept are the beneficiaries of NEGP 2012. Honourable PM Sir, kindly take charge of NEGP 2012 and earn the respect of every citizen of the country. 

Jai Hind.
With warm regards,

Col Mahesh Khera

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Subject: "Hang the corrupt, fumes Supreme Court" - President of India should forthwith start the orders of hanging corrupt politicians commencing with Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee...

Smt Pratibha Patil,

President of India,
New Delhi

Dear Madam,

With respect to Shri Mahesh Khera Open Questions to Finance Minister, I would say - 

President of India should start the orders of hanging corrupt politicians commencing with Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee.......................................................

To work it as real deterrent for others, hanging the corrupt politicians should be done publicly and with live telecast so that entire world can view it. 


Hang the corrupt, fumes Supreme Court

"Everyone wants to loot this country. The only deterrent is to hang a few corrupt persons from the lamp post," said a Bench comprising Justices S B Sinha and Markandey Katju, which was hearing a bail petition filed by fodder scam accused Braj Bhushan Prasad, convicted by the trial court.
Justice Katju, from whom the remarks flowed, was aware of the limitation of the court in view of the rule of law that governed the country. "The law does not permit us to do it, but otherwise we would prefer to hang the corrupt," he said.

With warm regards,

(Babubhai Vaghela)
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Open Questions to Finance Minister - Can RTI Help in Improved Governance
Dear Members, 
The IT dept in the country works so arbitrarily is evident from today's SC judgement giving relief to Vodafone from paying a whopping tax of 11,000 + Cr on a deal more than 54,000 Cr+ between Vodafone and Hutchison. I have no clue about the tax laws but the end result shows the brazenness of IT dept come to the fore. 
Bombay HC upheld the IT dept proposed levy of IT upon Vodafone and SC dismisses it. The question is not of tax or no tax, is there any accountability of the IT dept for their functioning ? These guys slapped a whopping tax based upon their  interpretation of the tax laws and Bombay HC up held the same but finally both the IT dept and Bombay HC have been blasted by the SC. What happens to the incompetent IT dept officials and Bombay HC judges ? If these guys were in private service, their heads would have rolled. How can we ensure that even servants of the govt are answerable for their utter lack of competence ? This is just one case which has come up. One can imagine a host of such cases where either these get settled through bribes or through HC and SC channel.   
There have been admission of a deliberate trick employed by  the IT officials who have admitted in private that when a tax payer files the IT return, the IT dept simply puts one extra zero after the total taxable income. Thus, 10 lakhs becomes 1 Cr. Of course IT dept selects the targets first. The tax payer now starts running from pillar to post to have that amended. He mostly ends up in coughing up some bribe to get the figure restored back to its legitimate number. Nothing happens to the IT officials as they declare, oh, "this was an over sight". Hopefully, e-filing of tax returns would prevent this.    
The questions for the honourable Finance Minister :-  
(a) What measures have been taken to ensure that such brazenness does not happen in the IT dept. 
(b) If this happens then what are the accountability norms laid down for penalizing the incompetent IT officials. 
(c) How many cases has the IT dept filed for courts ruling. 
(d) Out of the above, how many cases has the IT dept won in the courts. 
(e) How much money the IT dept spends on fighting the cases in the court. 
(f) Give the time bound e-governance plan for the IT dept. 
Please enlighten if RTI Act can be used for the above cause which is willy nilly asking for a time bound implementation of National E Governance Plan (NEGP) albeit different govt function wise. 
Very pertinent questions about political leaders properties and police reforms raised in this section earlier have set me to think on the broader aspect of periodic mandatory review of NEGP as also the time bound implementation.  
With warm regards, 
Col Mahesh Khera

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