Sunday, January 15, 2012

[HumJanenge] VERY IMPORTANT Re: Humjenenge Google Group


Dear Mr. Pal

Your email ID is not subscribed to Humjanenge Google Group.

It is likely that you are receiving our group emails being FORWARDED /
RE-POSTED to you from ARCHIVES of this mailing list. Certain archives
(for eg. apparently includes email IDs of all persons to
whom ANY email sent to our group is circulated. In other words if any
email sent to HJ-Google Group is also CC'ed to you by our member you
will continue to receive our group emails until you UNSUBSCRIBE.

It is for reasons like these that we repeatedly instruct our members
not to CROSS-POST emails to our list which are cc'ed indiscriminately.
Whenever we find such members we expel them ourselves.

I therefore suggest that you take the following steps

1) Check if emails coming to you have "[.RTI.]" in the subject line.

2) If, so, then visit ""
and UNSUBSCRIBE using the link/button on the left column.

Sorry. I am also posting this email publicly in case anybody else is
facing same problem.

Sarbajit Roy

On 1/16/12, Izzud-Din Pal <> wrote:
> I keep receiving copies of Emails exchanged by the Group members when I
> have never joined it. As you seem to have access to the Group please advise
> the coordinator to remove my name from the list. I keep getting copies of
> number of messages. Yours was the latest and I thought I will trouble you
> with this request.
> I will appreciate it
> I.D. Pal

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