Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] Internal and External Oil Mafia in Oil Companies in India

      Dear Sir,
      The Public (Sector) Company and Government belong to the same Organization. So the Company can do nothing without clearance from the Goverbment. Government cannot be free from the crimes that the Company may be responslible for. Again the result comes at the Government's head.
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      ------Mukund Apte
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Dear Moderator,

Kindly let our Group know more about Corruption in the Oil Companies, please.Regards.

Pankaj Khanna

Dear Friends,

The purpose behind this communication is only to let the true owners of the Govt. Oil Companies, you the people of India, know one of the reasons why you are required to pay more than Rs 70=00 to purchase a litre of Petrol. Every year these companies loose more than 0.5% of Products as stock loss worth more than Rs. 6000 Crores. Apart from that, there are Corrupt practices in engineering jobs, Purchases, Promotions, transfers, adulterations, short delivery, misuse of Kerosene in the knowledge of all... The list and scam goes on and on. Oil Scam is much more deep rooted than 2-G Scam; if you consider the corruption in these companies in the past three decades.For more details please see the Blog:

Pankaj Khanna

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