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KIC has virtually made the section 18 as defunt and quashed it and changed the basics of RTI Act. It is not correct and KIC has no such power. Even the recent Supreme Court has not given such sweeping jugement rendering section 18 worthless and has only said that information cannot be asked by invoking this section and this section should be used to penalize PIOs, not for giving infn.

In my opinion, applicants are free to use section 18 or 19 simultenously in the light of the SC decision, first appeal for getting information and complaint for non-receipt of reply of RTI application and other provisions of section 18.   Pl. note that FAA has no power to penalize the PIO, therefore complaint to Infn. Commission.

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F Y I , the KIC is Interpreting that in situations as Enumarated in Sec 18 also you have to Approach the FAA in Appeal Further they have Issued a GO stating that Citizens should approach FAA before Coming to KIC in appeal and this GO is Silent about Section 18 Provisions
Your Valuable Comment is Requested for Us to Take Forward whether the New GO is Correct Valid or it Encraches the Law Itself and Whether the State has Powers to issue the GO

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