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How Much or What to Govern
Any Governance which empowers itself, than the public is useless and defeating its own purpose, because the smaller the Governance the batter the public.
There are five fundamental problems in our structure of Governance they are as follows. Our Government wishes to control each and every aspects of our life for its citizen than empower to act freely. Basic problem with this type of Governance is as soon as the freedom to act is taken away creativity of public is lost in jungle of laws rules etc. Planned control atmosphere does not work always as planned because of limitation of the people who planned it. There should be public opinion should be taken and also consider what is feasibility to govern and how much I will cost and can we afford and it is serving the majority.
1. Trust
2. Duplications
3. Overlapping
4. Accountability
5. Separation
Now let us see what we mean by all above fundamentals taken one at a time.
In our country Bharat (India) All our rules which are there to serve the public are based on mistrust. You as public had to prove that you are right and prove your innocence or even a simple statement. Which is fundamentally wrong ? Why anybody will make a wrong statement to Governance. If one found making a wrong statement the system should be able to quickly take a appropriate action against the person. In our system this is absent. Money spent in Transfer is useless and it does not serve public and its cost is very large in term of resources and physical and emotional toll on people who are transferred and its breed's corruption who does these transfers. Basically each of us can work whatever we have or change the personal who can't deliver the services.
Now look at another example why any new minister comes or Governance comes they transfer hundreds of people. Question is why we all are Indians and can't work with each other? It is simple people also don't trust each other and if rules are robust anybody should be able to implement provided there is resolve. Hence there is a urgent need of a administrative reform commission which should look in each and every rules and laws there are some 3700+ I was told. Remember there is no sacred cows including IAS DM CEO Commissioners Governor etc. why these are not require will be covered in duplication. Public opinion is must to change the rules as it directly involves public hence their opinions and input at right time should be taken a must and sure sign of good governance. Our Many Prime Ministers had promised that budget will made public before presenting in parliament , but never done so far. In Age of computers and competent administration it should not be a problem and it should start very early not at nick of time.
Now let us talk of duplication. It is difficult for me where to start. Let me try why there is Central Public works department and state public works department, and local self Government Public works department. Do we need this three tier system only to serve one public? And cost of doing business is much different as CPWD is most costly and last one was least costly why as public we have live with this. These three agencies can never work in cooperation with each other, otherwise we don't have to live with three time road digging for different times and inconvenience.
Now come to city level we have Mayor of city elected by residents but still have DM CEO Commissioner, and have more power just because they are selected and appointed? It is a biggest joke of democracy in India. I one time asked this question during All India DM's meeting in 2005 why we need them nobody could give answer nor I could find the same system any democratic or dictatorial type of Governance in world over. So we certainly don't need in our India. That is why we immediately need a administrative reform Commission headed by public not IAS or representatives (MP , MLA) They all are over worked who finds difficult to even go to their own sessions. We may not be require so called expert and intelligent just after passing an exam and training of few months and expert in all fields be it agriculture, engineering or costing judiciary etc. remember these are not cheap any more each one pay and benefits cost very dearly say in lakhs of rupees per month. So very serious thought is requires to think a fresh for this type of duplications. We have banks and traders to control for a free market every one Below Poverty Line be given money in their bank accounts each month rather than supply the fixed amount and price rice wheat and sugar kerosene etc. Why have two tier system of pricing of same thing in one country, but poor should be protected and supported all the time. The rationing system is rotten and corrupt to the core and every ody can tell you horror stories. Ration cards are made for the illegal person for want of vote bank.
Let us see how funny it looks we have highest paid public servant Presidents in center and Governors in States who do nothing and in their name PM or CM takes care of Administration. Bhayya a man Can't do his own job (One man One job) principle PM had to control Legislations and as well Administration and President do nothing. Is it fair for public funds. Will you pay two people for one a job as your personal job to be complete. Hence need a Administration Reform Commission As soon as possible. Why public had to pay two pay checks for one and same job. It is not very effective way to spend public money.
Let us talk in details about the situation of Governors. Why they are there as mere monitors of central Government in various states. There are two or little more that in big mansions left behind the governors place left behind by masters British. They still live same way some few hundred people with a budget of few corers a month in salary and perks like free food and pay and most of these are retired IAS or part people a rewards. Everyone knows we don't need them but who wants to say because one day I may get such a perk like Governor of states a public expanses. Same thins can be said for DM CEO or Commissioner of City But who will Talk against IAS it will be killing the chance of my own son or daughter not be an IAS officer one day in future, who knows may be they could be another Einstein or Columbus instead of an mere IAS . IAS and IPS both are selected out of best of Indian boys and Girls but why they are not allowed
to work independent of each other one maintaining law and other peace and security of public? Public will not shed a tear not democracy will be undermine as they are appointed not elected and they have no daily contact with general public some handful see them everyday it comes in local papers even our name came one time when I see one governor with my family. These are reward post for faithful to party not to public.
If you have three tier system and two people doing the same job one in name other actually doing through chain of ten commands to control a small job or a big job will be able to fixed any accountability. That is why we can not fix any accountability for an error, always there are other someone else to blame. Biggest joke is we have millions of clerk who are expected to work but no authority to dispense the lowest ordinary cases of administration and than we talk about trust. How you can feel part of a team where you have no clear cut laws and powers to dispense the cases and still feel part of team. Rules are discriminatory and not at all robust, office head can change the noting on file at his or her whims. No two cases which are similar had same outcome in our system why and how nobody seems to have answer, but is looking for answer and solution is administrative reform commission as soon as possible. but all party should be included in this not merely administrative people or representatives only specially grieved public. Governance should be as much as public can handle no more no less. There are few places where public need to be control like public safety and defense of country but not all te places but it need to be served by governance.
Why Government had to have a supply department permit department, Rationing, fair pricing system, shop timings, military canteen, treasury, railway , air India, rehabilitation, power production and distribution, education and thousands of public undertakings of states and central. Our esteem business houses can't do what Governance is doing. Answer is this question is very simple but it may not look good for no. of IAS officers. Governance job is to manage the system but required to do it make laws and implement those. Why every personnel had be in New Delhi all the time sitting in vicinity of secretary, in ministry building. With advent of computers these can be sitting in district level offices and communicate with their bosses daily as well serve the public batter. IN each ministry there are secretary and there are personal secretary to minister why? It is clear cut duplication and time wasting and wasting of public funds.
Why public had to travel and waste time and money when they need the services rather than these people come to public to serve. Secretary and these staff need not be sitting next to each other on daily basis where as public need these personnel's every day so they be close and available to public more.
There are three parts of Governance everybody knows, Legislation, Administration and Judicial. They must be able to work in unison and as well as separate and interdependently all the time for the benefit of public not for their own benefits pay and perks and promotion only. In our
system this is not possible PM had to see all no sharing of powers. Some of the junior Ministers have no file to see but a big spacious office and staff. PM should not be in charge of Legislative functions and administration as well. Ministers should not be from legislative members. He should appoint them or work with Secretary of departments where they grow from ranks, why not? After all we are all Indians and should be able to work under a set of rules and regulations if at all we are talking about same thing – serving the public interests over our own smaller personal agendas. For efficient system of governance we need strong and robust rules and balanced budget which means within budget and tools to work independently without interference of each other. Legislation make s or amend rules and make laws. Administration apply law of land and maintain law and order. And Judiciary should see the laws are not only followed in spirit and letters but serve the public and encourages them to meet the administration for help they need time to time and within time. Judicary should see the public get justice at relatively ease and timely and it has respect of administration and legislation as well. Similarly administration also has respect of legislation and judiciary in applying laws and maintaining order with public trust and service with regards for their hard work. Legislative will have the satisfaction that the administration and judiciary are following what they are expecting to serve the public.
This can all be done when there is interference to each other work but admiration only in order to serve public. And public had to be supportive whenever and wherever to all three wings of Governance. Public will only do that when it get encouragement from all three wings as the supreme and service. Public will be happy and so the three parts Governance and their personnel viz, Legislators, Administrators and Judges as they are some or other time recipients of these services as well.
One thing must be clear to all of us United public will be served and divided as we are today for any issue will be ruled by the same governance system no matter what.
United public for a cause becomes a revolution and this is only way WE know a revolution can be brought in By United public. United public for a cause becomes a clear cut public opinion and its will be revolution.
We have to demand new things and small which can bring a big change as well in future Governance.
One all public servants will move all their files to next place after their job is done. All public servants to have their own vehicles to attend to governance duty, a loan to buy vehicles may be provided. No house all will be apid the market value rent for their official homes provided.
ALL MP /MLA etc pay for their safety if you fearful don't come to serve public. Most of the representative are good to their wards and they need
worry about safety. Those who are not need not be provided the security as they are them self can take care of their safety, I know what you means as already in groups and like goondas can save them self so these MLA /MP's, and police thus spared will be able to take care of public safety.
All peons will be sent back to their place of birth or a village and will be part of Planning Commission and will be paid same amount of money as pay but their job will be similar taking care of water needs cleanliness of village and how each and every family can have a house of their own also how lagan money be used to start a school in village.
In office paper should be banned all over India. Let people take care of themselves like make their own tea and clean after themselves in public servants As we only keep able body person in our Governance job and this much sacrifice they should be able to do for their country.
Planning commission will be more effective when planning will start from bottom most unit a village, a peon who is part of Governance, will have the rope to have funds allotted to his or her village.
This all above small changes will bring a mobile change in immobile stagnant Governance system and does not need economic layout but Government will be accessible to majority of population. Argument can be brought that it will not work. Ask that question to BPL people IS present system is working ? Answer need not be given to me which is off course YES. If we go on doing what we were doing we will go on getting the same results will be getting in future but small steps will help as NGO are helping to fulfill Governance job and fulfill the dream of public Governance.
By: Umesh rashmi rohatgi 24161 Nilan drive Novi MI 48375 USA
"rurohatgi@yahoo.comn" ( 248)-471-5786 22nd jan 2012
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