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Another alternative is that RTI activists should collect fund and file  PIL in SC for appointment of additional ICs in CIC and SICs, so that cases are disposed off in say 90 days. In Nov 2010 Late Amit Jethwa [ murdered in July 2011] had filed such a PIL in Gujarat HC for pendency of 8000 appeal/complaints and in March 2011 two additional ICs were appointed at GIC, because of intervention of HC. Even 4 months back  a retired bank officer from Baroda aged 78 years and requiring dialysis weekly is contesting himself at Ahmedabad a PIL for appointment of 6 ICs at GIC.. Even if RTI activists contribute Rs.1000/- we can have corpus of Rs.100000/- assuming that at least 100 activists and beneficiaries of RTI all over India will donate Rs.1000 each. I am prepared to donate Rs.5000/- from my pocket and another Rs.5000/- I can get from many beneficiaries who have got substantial amount [few in lakhs] but for RTI. Some one in or near Delhi has to take initiative with cooperation of public spirited advocates.

Govtss do not understand any language other than that of HC or SC. Let us talk to it in that language.
Let us act rather than crying. 

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Backlog leading to 14 months' wait per plea CKLOG LEADING TO 14 MONTHS' WAIT PER PLEA
NEW DELHI: With an addition of nearly 2,500 complaints every month, the Central Information Commission (CIC), which has an astounding 26,049 pending cases is well on its way to becoming redundant. The reason: the CIC disposed off 22,414 cases last year, which means that there is a pendency of 14 months for every appeal and complaint making the information received by the applicant outdated and often useless.

Commission chief Satyananda Mishra expressed concern saying, "If the pendency continues increasing, the waiting period will also increase. We are very concerned and will have to think of radical ways to tackle the problem. One of the issues that we will discuss is `summary disposal' of cases through just speaking orders to save time."

The CIC has six information commissioners, including its chief, though it has a sanctioned strength of 10. One of the first tasks undertaken by Mishra on taking over was to write to the government asking for more commissioners keeping in view the large number of cases coming to the CIC. However, there has been little progress in ramping up the strength so far.

RTI activists are concerned and have been vocal in their disapproval of the long waiting time. One prominent RTI activist, who did not wish to be named, said, "The hearing for a case where I had sought information took place three months ago and in fact only the formal order had to be issued since I was given the impression that the decision had been taken. However, I have still not heard from the office of the information commissioner.

Prof Rajeev Kumar, formerly with IIT-Kharagpur, said that he had sought information on IIT-Madras in 2010 and only managed to get hearing in September, 2011. "I received the order after three months in December, 2011 and even then the institute gave me only part of the information. It was of no use. Despite the long delay the no penalty was charged. CIC has become infructuous," Kumar said.

Sources said that some cases as old as 2006 were still pending before the Commission with no action being taken.

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