Saturday, July 22, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] COMPLAINT : Rampant corruption in Transport Department of GNCTD

India Against Corruption is not going to report anything of the sort
and pander to their "mai-baap" culture by begging for a few crumbs
thrown from their high table.

Neither shall we be distracted. We have a clear case here where the
senior-most officers of the Transport Department have brazenly
organised systematic and corrupt breaking of the law over a
considerable period to enrich themselves in crores within a short
period of time.

Let this government investigate and explain the reasons why thousands
of offenders were prosecuted and let off by "compounding" offences at
a paltry Rs. 100 when the Delhi Traffic Police prosecutes the
identical offence at Rs. 5,000 as NON-COMPOUNDABLE punishable through
the courts.

This IAS lady, whatever her name is, is in charge of both the people
authorised to prosecute this offence and we shall see how far this
corruption extends to. IAC has just read a large dossier of a third
party involving this IAS lady when she was a Joint-Secretary in
Ministry of Non-Renewable Energy ("MNRE") and it was pretty clear why
she had to leave from there in a tearing hurry.


On 7/22/17, Prodipto Roy <> wrote:
> Thanks, and please add an enquiry about Nehru Place bus stops too. Some
> Orange bus drivers don't stop at the stop before Eros Hotel light if they
> see the light has turned green. This is awful for commuters waiting at the
> stop. Neither green nor Orange buses stop at the bus stop at all if they
> see groups of school students throbbing the place. So ordinary commuters
> suffer.
> Secondly, conductors don't ascertain whether all passengers including old
> people, children and women have boarded the bus begore starting again
> leading to a dangerous scramble on to a moving bus.
> Joya Roy
> On 22 Jul 2017 09:09, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
>> *To:*
>> Ms. Varsha Joshi, IAS (AGMUT:1995)
>> Commissioner of Transport/GNCTD
>> cc:
>> 1) Chief Minister of Delhi
>> 2) Chief Secretary of Delhi
>> Dear Commissioner
>> *Sub : COMPLAINT : Rampant corruption in Transport Department of GNCTD*
>> I refer to the news report in DNA newspaper, New Delhi edition dated 6
>> July 2017, or thereabouts, titled as "*80-member team to rein in drivers
>> not halting at bus stops*" by Vatsala Shrangi, which was re-tweeted by
>> you on on 6 July 2016 from your account ID "suraiya95" with
>> the
>> comment "*We're on it. Let us know if there are specific offenders!*"
>> Accordingly, on the basis of the said as yet unrefuted news report in DNA
>> newspaper, I am calling upon you to dutifully inquire against and/or
>> prosecute Shri K.K.Dahiya (Special Commissioner (Transport)/GNCTD) as
>> well
>> as each and every member of his 80-member enforcement team from your
>> Transport Department for criminal misconduct and corrupt abuse of their
>> position as public servants to cause wrongful loss to the State exchequer
>> amounting to crores of rupees and corresponding wrongful gain to traffic
>> offenders and to save the traffic offenders from mandatory prosecution by
>> the court as prescribed in law. Incidentally I had personally been
>> earlier
>> agitating this matter of buses not stopping at the kerb near bus stops to
>> your department /GNCTD, the copies of which I had shared with you online
>> via
>> A proper and independent inquiry will bring out all the Prevention of
>> Corruption Act and/or Indian Penal Code offences involved considering
>> that
>> your department officers apparently challaned/booked offenders u/s
>> 122/177
>> Motor Vehicles Act and/or corruptly let them off with trivial compounding
>> fines of Rs.100 or so, when the offence is classified as punishable under
>> "66/192
>> MV Act" with upto Rs. 5,000 fine for first offence and is
>> non-compoundable with the offenders to be sent directly to the court for
>> punishment.
>> Because it is inconceivable that your expert enforcement officers are
>> unaware of the legal provisions for this specific regulatory/permit
>> offence
>> of "*Bus not stopping within one meter of the kerb of the authorized bus
>> stop*" (see offence #61 at https://delhitrafficpolice.
>> archived at
>>, I am concerned that during their 2 week long
>> drive, your department's junior officers have all evidently received
>> substantial illegal gratifications for letting thousands upon thousands
>> of
>> errant bus drivers escape the stiff legal penalties u/s 66.1/192-A MV Act
>> required to be imposed by the courts only, including for permit
>> violations
>> which seriously endanger the lives of pedestrians.
>> *NB:* I can cite several other similar instances where Mr. K.K. Dahiya
>> and his law / enforcement officers have evidently been acting for vested
>> commercial interests in the transport / transportation sector in
>> Delhi/NCR
>> in defiance of law.
>> A copy of this communcation is also being sent to Hon'ble Chief Minister
>> of Delhi and Hon'ble Chief Secretary of Delhi for their information in
>> case
>> you fail to promptly do your duty to eradicate corrupt elements from the
>> Transport department of GNCTD.
>> I would be obliged if you acknowledge this communication within 3 working
>> days and give me a timeline to action / resolution. In case you are not
>> inclined to prosecute this complain, kindly instantly provide me the
>> particulars of all the 80 or so members of the enforcement team/s.
>> sincerely
>> Sarbajit Roy
>> National Convenor
>> B-59 Defence Colony
>> New Delhi 110024
>> Tel: +91-8010205897
>> ----

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