Sunday, July 30, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Panama papers and silence of NDA and UPA

Sharif was unseated because the court deemed him to be in breach of Articles 62 and 63 of the Pakistani constitution. Article 62 requires the PM to be "sadiq" (truthful)  whilst  Article 63 stipulates he should be "ameen" (righteous). 

The only case the court had was that Sharif did not disclose a salary he never received as chairman of a Dubai-based company called Capital FZE, but  was entitled to, as an asset in his nomination papers in 2013. Sharif argued that an unreceived salary is not an asset. The court disagreed.  

This is a small and technical ground and not sufficient to deem a sitting Prime Minister ab initio dishonest and unrighteous. It is so because the question as to whether a salary he never received, though he may have been entitled, is an asset or not is arguably a question which different people may answer differently. Legally it is an asset, but for a person not legally qualified it is not. Even legal eagles may have different views on this. 

The Supreme Court has referred the substantial charge of corruption against Sharif to the National Accountability Bureau and asked it to file criminal charges. This means  the original charge of corruption has yet to be proved—and, conceivably,  may never be—but the Prime Minister has already been found on technical grounds to be dishonest and unrighteous. This is not just disconcerting, it doesn't feel like full and proper justice.

As against this, as per media reports, a charge of murder against Nitish is pending before the Patna High Court. Nitish, against whom a charge of murder is pending before the Patna High Court, is shamelessly holding office of CM. As per the report in the public domain Magistrate had taken cognisance of the offence of murder against Nitish in 2009. The Patna HC had stayed the Order of the Patna HC taking cognisance of the offence of murder in which Nitish is accused. Thereafter, being Bihar CM he is able to manage adjournment after adjournment. So this is the character of a person who talks of "Purity in public life" and considered himself as PM In Waiting or dreamt of being the PM! What a hypocracy that he, facing charge of murder, is sticking to office  and broke the alliance on grounds of purity in public life! If he is a man of character he should step down, face the trial and if acquitted come back. But he is shameless. 


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With Pakistan supreme court showing guts in removing Nawz sheriff for owning offshore companies and also acting on Panama exposes. In India the expose had names of Amitabh Bhachan , Aishwarya Rai and host of others but one can see collusion between NDA and UPA in covering up this expose. Is India risists also part of this cover-up?
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