Sunday, July 2, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] "A-team" of Congress and "B-team" of BJP

This is a correct analysis. The higher judiciary is certainly the
biggest cancer of India.

In an ideal Republic all these corrupt judges would have been
eliminated a long time back. It is only the power of black money.and
the foolishness of ordinary people who believe in these false mai-baap
gods and their priesthood (advocates) that the completely rotten
Indian legal system has survived so long and these unelected people
govern from behind the scene.

RP Dalvi

On 6/21/17, karankharb <> wrote:
> Corruption has seeped in every organ of State and Society. Targetting all
> would be dissipating public focus and effort. If only the Higher Judiciary
> is washed clean and salvaged from this cancer of corruption, rest will fall
> in line.
> The entire legal system of India stands bequeathed to the rich and powerful
> today. Corrupt judges are indulging in immoral/illegal practices so
> audaciously because the process of impeachment is impracticable. They have
> placed themselves above law.
> Get the corrupt judges to the gelotine first and everything in governance -
> politicians, bureaucracy, police, crime-crony wheeling-dealing - will
> transform magnificiently.
> I said exposed much more glaring things in my latest book "Crime Academy"
> available at, and
> Regards,
> Karan Kharb

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