Friday, July 14, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Hindu Samaj of India condemns Amarnath yatra attack

The reply to your query is -

1) Sarbajit Roy is a Hindustani and he lives in New Delhi (the capital
of Indian Occupied Hindustan).

2) Sarbajit Roy is National Convenor / co-founder of "India Against Corruption"

3) Sarbajit Roy is known to be an EC member of the Hindustan
Republican Army (a leftwing revolutionary Hindutva organisation banned
by India's government since around last 100 years as "terrorists")
which does not believe in the Constitution of India but believes
instead in a) the authentic Upanishads (Vedanta) and b) the Philosophy
of the Bomb.

4) Sarbajit Roy is a patriot and pracharak of Hindutva, who is the
junior seer (vice pontiff) of a certain religious movement having over
1 crore adherents today.

Raminder Singh

On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:13:31 +0530, vedavyas shenoy
<> wrote:
> may i know who and what is sarbajit roy? is he an indian living in india?

On 7/13/17, Sarbajit Roy <>> wrote:
>> The perpetrators are the Govt, ie the BJP Govt at the Centre and the
>> BJP-PDP coalition in the state of J&K. (since Mr. Amit Shah is the
>> president of the ruling BJP is suppose he is indirectly responsible
>> for this muckup).
>> Probably these are cynical political exercises for vote bank
>> polarisation and to keep Hindus and Muslims apart. In J&K
>> anti-national political forces kill Hindus in a Muslim majority state
>> and in UP they kill Muslims in a Hindu majority state. Seemingly these
>> are the same imperialistic divide-and-rule polices which India
>> suffered during our first war of Independence (the second one is still
>> to come).
>> It was not the Congress which divided the country, it was the British
>> stooges like RSS and Gandhi who never wanted a strong and united
>> Hindustan.
>> NB: if you ask patriotic Hindu forces (like Hindu Mahasabha) it was
>> the RSS who sneakily collaborated with the British, engineered riots
>> and converted Hindustan into this moth-eaten abomination called
>> "India, that is Bharat". Millions of Hindustanis believe the Hindu
>> Mahasabha martyrs did the most patriotic act possible by assassinating
>> Gandhi before he could divide the country further.
>> You must also know that there are imperialist forces which ensure that
>> India does not have its indigenous weapons manufacturing capability to
>> the extent that the permanent P-5 powers do. They will ensure that
>> India and Pakistan are perpetually fighting so that they can sell arms
>> to both sides.
>> If Anil Ambani, Ratan Tata and Anand Mahindra are the sort of people
>> to whom India's weaponry is being entrusted by the gang of four
>> (Modi-Shah-Doval-Jaitley), only God can save this country (or what
>> little is left of it). We have never forgotten that Modi sarkar is
>> purchasing Rafale planes (because some "Ambani" was the middleman) at
>> 4 times the cost the Congress negotiated.
>> Sarbajit
>> On 7/12/17, S L Chowdhary <>> wrote:
>>> condemn whom ? why don't u name the perpetrators? one is quick to name
>>> gaurakshaks, bajarang dal, vhp, RSS, hindutva, hindu terrorism?
>>> But when perpetrators are muslim, u only blame govt. What a hypocracy?
>>> This
>>> will not stop until u identify the forces who are faning it. these are
>>> breaking india forces. these incudes congresses, communists. congress has
>>> never apologised for dividing the country.

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