Monday, October 23, 2017

[IAC#RG] Request for appointment with Mr. Anuj Dayal

Mr. Anuj Dayal
ED. Corp Communications

cc: MD Metro and other eminences.


Dear Mr Dayal

I appreciate that you are very busy handling all DMRC's VIPs and their requests and so have no fixed time to meet me. Hence this email.

I would be highly obliged if you gave me a fixed time and date to urgently inspect the recommendations of the 4th Fare Fixation Committee vide their report. I remind you that about 12 days ago you had personally assured me that the entire report  / recommedations would be proactively disseminated by uploading to the DMRC website, as the first 3 reports have been, considering that the fare revision process is now over and metro fares have been fully raised.

In terms of the applicable 2003 Rules I am unable to reconcile why I am being so discriminated against for my journey between Sector 12 Dwarka and Sector 21 Dwarka where the base fares have been hiked by 250% (ie. from Rs.12 to Rs. 30). I am unable to understand how the metro railway administration could suggest such a steep hike in terms of Rule 11(2) when the general fare hike is 25% to 67% as per your publicity and it seems that I am being specifically targeted for objecting to the unneccesary fare hikes.

I also believe that you / DMRC are deliberately withholding the 4th FFC report from the commuters because certain unpleasant facts denoting very high level corruption / wilfull incompetence in DMRC will emerge from the report / recommendations.

Finally, because it is not clear to me why / how the 4th FFC called for public comments or on what basis these public comments were considered, I would be obliged if the minute books and all other documents showing actual and effective consideration of my own lodged objections as a formal contesting respondent before the Tribunal are also shown to me.
NB:The office of your respected Chairperson (ie. Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, IAS) has already informed me, when I enquired there, that a comparative table showing comments of individual objectors, response of DMRC and opinion of the Committee for the public objectors was made by DMRC and is in the records of the Committee which are in DMRC's present custody.


Er. Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel : 8287307397 / 8010205897

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