Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] IAC openly asks - "How corrupt is Arvind Kejriwal ?"

 Why this trash is being circulated?


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Shri Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor


You have very truly declared that Arvind Kejriwal is "a deeply corrupt type of person who does not deserve to be Chief Minister of Delhi any longer".

Arvind Kejriwal is too corrupt to reply explaining what action was taken on your attached emails for DMR fare rise in June 2016 which all of us on this mailing list received when they were sent.

Thanks for reaffirming our faith in the core values of IAC andolan.


Swaraj India Party

On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 11:18 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Shri Arvind Kejriwal,
Chief Minister of Govt. of NCT Delhi

Dear Chief Minister,

The India Against Corruption is highly amused to read your recent press releases and statements on "reducing" / "opposing" DMRC fare hikes, hence the subject tag.

It seems to us in the IAC that the AAP after having apparently swallowed 100's (if not thousands) of crores from DMRC and their contractors for their fare hike, which AAP has conceivably deposited into Vatican Bank's numbered accounts which you, perhaps along with your family mmbers and some AAP ministers, conceivably opened, eg. when you unnecessarily visited the Vatican City-state under pretext of Mother Theresas's beatifications, you AAPians are now like the proverbial well provisioned cats proceeding for Hajj.

Accordingly, and for your own good, I am enclosing some emails sent to you (and also to your party MLAs) from as far back as June 2016 on the issue of raising DMRC fares and the evidence of corruption of your officers / ministers.

I suspect you will readily agree that your long inactions, and these emails sent to you reporting pervasive corruption in GNCTD, now reveal that it is actually you (exercising vicarious liablity for GNCTD) who is conceivably a deeply corrupt type of person who does not deserve to be Chief Minister of Delhi any longer.

NB: If you have any explanation why IAC's attached emails seem not acted upon by you, we would love to hear it.

Sarbajit Roy

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