Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Kejriwal gang's 'pol' to be exposed soon in DMRC scam

Dear Mr. Malhotra

1. I usually board the metro at Dwarka Sector 12 and detrain at Dwarka Sector 21, to catch the Airport express into town. Before the 4th FFC it cost Rs. 12 now it costs Rs. 30. You do the maths (it is not 67% but closer to 3x). I can also cite station pairs where it was Rs.10 and is now Rs. 30 (exactly 3x).

2. If you want to be an apologist for Mr. Kejriwal, that is OK, we have many AAPians on this channel. But TRUTH comes paramount. Let us see when Kejriwal first made any protest against this FFC hikes. As far as IAC is concerned our objections were lodged with 4th FFC within 10 days of their public notice in June 2016. Thereafter there has been intense correspondence, public grievances and vifgilance complaints  filed between us and MoUD on DMRC fare hikes. I am prepared to put all of it into public domain if you can assure me that Kejriwal will do the same. Doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani ... Our friends at Swaraj India say that Kejriwal Govt missed attending 14 of 16 DMRC meetings.

3. Let me very clearly say that BJP and AAP are both equally corrupt in matter of DMRC fare hike.

4. Let me also educate you that these steep fare hikes are "needed" because of your very honest friend Sreedharan and rapid construction of DAEMPL just before Commonwealth Games using Chinese contractors chosen by Sreedharan, and the subsequent huge arbitration awards for Airport Express line which resulted in favour of Anil Ambani's DAEMPL which have been paid out and thereby ruined the finances of DMRC's remaining lines for decades.

Sarbajit Roy

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 2:58 PM, ravindra malhotra <> wrote:
 It is surprising that unbridled false statements are being made by some regular members of this forum e.g. fares of metro have been increased 3x in 8 years. Increase over 8 years is 67%, much less than the rise in cost index over this period.

Kejrival has consistently been speaking against the hike. He wrote to Central Govt, threatened MD of DMRC. Central Govt turned down Kejrivals request to join him in stopping the rise. Still Delhi Govt is stated as 'partner in this loot'.

Evidently, none of the members seem to be interested in fighting corruption. They are only interested in venting their personal grudges against their erstwhile brothers in arm.


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