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Dear Mr. Dalvi,

Yes we are aware that S. Roy has been in corespondence with RBI before demonetization. In fact he was in favour of it mainly because it was susected that a very high% of high denomination notes in cirulation were fake and needed to be identified and weeded out. Also he was pressing to change photographs of  Mahatma Gandhi from these series to be replaced with others like S. Bhagat Singh, S.C bose. Latet we heard fromMr. Roy is that now RBI is not reponding to his querries.

If we stick to fake notes Clearly neither the RBI nor the Govt. is forthcoming as to the quantum of such notes nor any time-line when this will be done. It would mean two things in the minds of the people that either there were no fake notes or the Govt. is hiding this information with ulterior motive.  With the involvement of countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh with or without the collusion with a german/ UK/ US Company entrusted with printing of notes chances of considerable fake notes cant be ruled out.

You and M. S Roy hold the view that there is largescale corruption whereas the Govt. says there is no cooruption. Time has come when You have to back up with facts and figures to let the people know the truth.

As far as Mr. Sourie is concerned he is more a crusador from the time of emergency and more a professional and not a politician after power nd pelf. I knew Mr. H> D. Sourie in 1966-67 when Arun Sourie was in U.S where he did his post graduation in Econmics. Regds  

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Dear Mr. Gaur

You are very correct that we should stick to facts and figures.

The recent views of Mr. Arun Shourie (ie. "demonetisation 'largest money laundering scheme") is nothing but what IAC has been working on since 2009, and IAC is the first to say so the same thing publicly, as readers of this mailing list can attest.

If members want to know about facts and figures of Modi's corruption, Mr. Roy should disclose everything in the public interest, including IAC's correspondence with RBI and Central Govt.

Boldness is one thing, but equally fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Even an utter fool like Rahul Gandhi knows how to ask the right questions - on Modi's boldness like  "Why are Chinese forces roaming freely in Doklam whle our Indian boys are kept 8 km away by our lady RM ?"

RP Dalvi

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Dear Mr. Venkataram,

Use of the word despotic in case of  the PM is not completely out of place as he does show cerain tendencies like being autocatic,authorataive,arbirary in his style of governance not from now but even from his days as Cm of Gujrat.

However I do agree that we should be restrainted in our comments and they should be based on facts and figures and be specific to the subject under discussion. 
I have heard interviews of Sh.yaswant Sinha and Aroun Shourie on NDTV recently and I find nothing wrong with what they said about the effects of policies of demonetization and GST. Boldness can be an attribute of leadership but considering the consequences and laying down a clear roadmap should be a precondition before taking the decision. Regds JKGaur 

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