Friday, October 20, 2017


You remind me of veteran Communist & ex- Home Minister  Indrajit Gupta in a rainbow coalition Government at the Center.One reporter asked him at a news conference "Sir what do you think about BJP? Has it any prospects in India? "The then Home Minister replied it is only The BJP which knows how to move with the changing political scenario.Although I am among the  million of persons affected due to reduction of interest rates on bank and post office schemes as well as inflation ,I have no hesitation 
to say  that it is the only party which has given representation to our neglected capable women in various sectors.Besides, it is the only political party in India which can be proud of several efficient and capable leaders at regional & national levels.Most of its leaders barring a few have clean image .
Over the years, it has also mastered all the tricks from The GOP & Communists to retain power.Narendra Modi keeps himself updated on the developments at his backyard & learnt the mistakes committed during the regime headed by philosopher- poet Atal Behari Vajpayee.Modi is much more ground to earth than his predecessors except perhaps Indira Gandhi.She lacked strong organizational and political base.We may like Narendra Damodar Modi or hate him but we can't ignore him & have to live under his leadership beyond 2019.

--PK Chakravarty

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a good talker and a master in rhetoric theatrical blabbering. But the nation has now realized this and will not be fooled anymore. Over the last three and half years,


Narendra Modi has made merry jetting across the globe while the country has ebbed to dire straits. And more importantly while eroding the autonomy of even the Reserve Bank, Election Commission and the CBI, Narendra Modi and the BJP have ruptured the secular fabric of our great nation.

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