Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] IAC openly asks - "How corrupt is Arvind Kejriwal ?"

From day one under Sreedharan the DMRC has been a corrupt organisation. The grand tradition carries on under Mangoo Singh on a much larger scale.

Sreedharan is a Public Relations creation. Was he not the person behind the Delhi Airport Express corruption fuckups which is mainly responlible for the fare hikes on remaining DMRC lines ?

This is not the right time to wash dirty linen in public. Let the 4th FFC be published in full. Like a Bikini what is hidden is more important than what is revealed.


On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 10:47 PM, ravindra malhotra <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net> wrote:
 DMRC from the first day has been the best PSU in India. First organisation in India to start giving their projects in time, when all other organisations had huge time and cost over runs. The organisation, that under innovative administration of Sreedharan kept the political sharks at bay and all decisions were taken by the Board of Directors, without which in time achievements would not have been possible. Integrity of Sreedharan is not tied to DMRC alone, it has been legendry since he started working with Railways almost 60 years back. Sreedharan inducted into DMRC only Engineers with known reputation of efficiency and integrity and had set a very high standard of performance for them. Mangoo Singh was one of them, another of his Directors at that time is now MD of Lucknow Metro and third one has been responsible for piloting the Rapid Metro of Gurgaon. Reputation of Sreedharan and DMRC is worldwide and can not be tarnished by some ignorant, self obsessed personnel.

As far as mail of Sarbjit is concerned, which borders on trash, links have been imagined between completely disconnected issues and personnel to arrive at imaginary conclusions. As per the Delhi Metro act of Parliament, neither Central Govt, nor Delhi Govt, nor even Board of Directors of DMRC have powers to over rule or reject the decision of  FFC. By the way, FFC has representatives of Central Govt, State Govt and DMRC. How its decisions make MD of DMRC or CM of Delhi (and not the PM/LG/MOUD representing Central Govt) corrupt is beyond any ones comprehension. In any case under which flight of imagination is a revision of fares after almost 9 years 'a corrupt action'?

FFC has the authority to take independent decisions. Calling CM/Delhi as 'hypocritical as the proverbial cat' and past MD (left almost 10 years back) and present MD of DMRC as corrupt on the basis of decisions of FFC, in which these personnel had no role, is nothing but trash. Whole Para of the earlier mail as below reeks of irresponsible utterings without any basis or reason or proof and is part of the trash dished out. How AAP has 'swallowed crores' from DMRC, where AAP has no role in any decision making, only day dreamers can think.

"It seems to us in the IAC that the AAP after having apparently swallowed 100's (if not thousands) of crores from DMRC and their contractors for their fare hike, which AAP has conceivably deposited into Vatican Bank's numbered accounts which you, perhaps along with your family mmbers and some AAP ministers, conceivably opened, eg. when you unnecessarily visited the Vatican City-state under pretext of Mother Theresas's beatifications, you AAPians are now like the proverbial well provisioned cats proceeding for Hajj."

Such writings are  seen only as power to abuse some people, whom we may not like, through this forum. It is not fight against corruption.

From: Rajinder Dalvi <rajinder.dalvi@gmail.com>
To: indiaresists <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net>
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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] IAC openly asks - "How corrupt is Arvind Kejriwal ?"

Why will Mr. Malhotra respond or speak up ? He is also a Railway man and definitely knows the levels of corruption in DMRC and the integrity of fellow railway persons like Sreedharan and Mangoo Singh ?

All these political scoundrels are busy fooling the people with one hand and looting the people with the other. Everwhere I travel in India the common refrain is "all are thieves", "is there no alternative to these theiving bastards?"

RP Dalvi

On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 12:06 PM, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Mr. Malhotra

Since the highlighted remark has gone out under my name along with the evidence of my previous complaints, I would be obliged if you could inform me what you specifically find to be "trash" therein.

If Mr. Kejriwal is an honest man, he would

A) Publish the recommendations of fare fixation committee for DMRC fare hike.

B) Conduct inquiy if Chief Secretary of GNCTD went on junket paid for by DMRC

C) Explain why no public hearing was conducted by Fare Fixation Committee for DMRC where objecting Delhi residents would be heard, quite unlike the case of the Mumbai Metro FFC where it was held over 2 days (but in equally rigged and biased manner to ensure that submissions were neither recorded nor considered).

Let me say again, Arvind Kejriwal is as hypocritical as the proverbial cat who proceeds for Hajj after swallowing 100 mice.

Sarbajit Roy

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 11:21 AM, ravindra malhotra <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net > wrote:
 Why this trash is being circulated?


From: Swaraj Abhiyan <theswarajabhiyan@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] IAC openly asks - "How corrupt is Arvind Kejriwal ?"

Shri Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor


You have very truly declared that Arvind Kejriwal is "a deeply corrupt type of person who does not deserve to be Chief Minister of Delhi any longer".

Arvind Kejriwal is too corrupt to reply explaining what action was taken on your attached emails for DMR fare rise in June 2016 which all of us on this mailing list received when they were sent.

Thanks for reaffirming our faith in the core values of IAC andolan.


Swaraj India Party

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