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Re: [rti_india] remembering Sri Shetty


This is a good decision. More such meetings need to be organized all over India and RTI activitists from Pune need to org  these in every nook and corned of Pune to put lots of pressure on the Administration and the Police to safeguard these Activitista and those who take the trouble to BLOW THE WHISTLE  on COORUPTION irrespective of which department or Co-operative Houising society it may be. 
Even Mr Narayan Rane at Pune has directed the Commissioners and Collectors to put an end to Corruption. 
At Pune the Divisional Commissioner and Collector of Pune are aware of a massive Fraud worth more than Rs 500 crores involving Survey No 19/1/2 Kondhwa Khurd. They seem to be playing ball game and exposing the WHISTLE BLOWER. 
Lt Col ( retd) V K Johar

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We are organizing a Meeting in Lucknow on tomorrow, i.e., Sunday (07/02/2010) in remembrance of Sri Satish Shetty, the late RTI activist from Pune, who was so brutally murder by the land sharks. The program shall be held in Room No- 202 of the PGP Block (Bodhi-griha) of IIM Lucknow from 4 PM to 5 PM.
Satish Shetty (39) was well-known in and around Maharashtra for using the Right to Information (RTI) Act to expose many an irregular activity. This included many an unauthorized and illegal land-deals, building constructions and other such land-related nefarious deeds including setting up of restaurants and marriage halls in residential zones. His crusade had started some 15 years ago and lately he had started wielding the Right to Information to a large scale for this.
In addition, we are also going to remember and pay our respect to Sri S Manjunath, a post-graduate of this Institution who made supreme sacrifice for the values he so dearly held.
Along with RTI activists, some members of faculty and students from IIM Lucknow and those belonging to Manjunath Trust shall also be participating.

Dr Nutan Thakur – IRDS Lucknow (# 94155-34525)
Amitabh Thakur- IIM Luknow(#94155- 34526)



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