Monday, February 8, 2010

[rti_india] ‘Secure IT 2010'- National Convention on ICT in Public Safety and Security


The current security crisis in the country is not unknown to us. 26/11 has left us all questioning the National Security of India and we at ‘egov’ are questioning ourselves â€" can Information and Communication Technology (ICT) make any change to improve the situation? Security experts predict that the volume of attacks on computer networks will continue to increase .

We believe that integrated ICT can be the most potent retaliation to such attacks and acts of terror, while maintaining and enhancing public security.

Hence, we have decided to call a National Convention on ICT in Public Safety and Security ‘Secure IT 2010- '( on 4th March 2010. This event on Security will focus on the current trends and technologies bringing in stakeholders from across the spectrum for a dialogue on the road forward in securing our lives.

The Goal of this Convention is to examine existing and potential uses of ICT by public safety entities and ways in which the broad spectrum of ICT can enhance homeland security and public safety.
The conference will bring together representatives from the public safety community, government agencies, industry, and academia to discuss the use of ICT in faster response to terrorism, natural disasters , cyber threat, pandemic response, among other issues.

For Participation enquiry, Contact:
Pratap Vikram Singh:, Mobile: +91-9810707585



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