Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[rti_india] TV9 News -Former Corporaters Gheraho Joint Director of Town Planning BBMP


All the Kannada News Channels like Tv 9 , Suvarna ETV etc Today Showed A Clip wherein Ex corporate rs of BBMP Gherahoed the Joint director of town planning For Delay and Playing Filibustering Tactics in Not Providing Information on RTI Requests made By Citizens Regarding ATRs on Violation of Buiding Bye Laws in High Rise Building and Also Names of The Asst Directors of Town Planning or Corporation Engineers who are responsible For Building Bye Law Violations and On whom According to Circular B12(1)PR394/06-07 dated 13.10.2009 Criminal. Cases Should be filed . They high Lighted that RTI requests are Not Being Replied in the Mandatory period and are Being shunted From One office to other without Reply . The Ex Corporate rs were led By Shri M Pari An Independent Former Corp orator Who Stated that Even when We Have With us the Grave Bellary High rise Building Collapse which Claimed 29 lives and Injured another 30 Persons Including Students of the Neighboring
BC Hostel. He also claimed that The ADTPs or Corporation Officials Get as Bribe Amounts Of Rs 20/- Lac or more for each Floor Constructed with Sanctioned Plan and A Very Big Lobby is Behind this and that Is the reason RTI Requests are not replied only to Prolong and Dilute Such cases .
Our Comment : It is Observed that The Time Lag is Fully utilized by Building Bye law Violators to Approach either Karnataka appellate Tribunal or Courts To Obtain Status Quo or Restraint injunctions on BBMP and Such Cases Never Get resolved For years . Early in 2007 Itself With Efforts From Several Friends Of Our study Center We Had Ensured that The then BBMP Commissioner Issue An Order that In every Case of Building Bye law Violation and Issue of Provisional Notices the Concerned Officers Should File "caveat" In KAT Or Courts So That No Status quo or injunction is Issued . This BBMP Order ios Always Violated By the Town Planning Engineers
It Is high time That the Urban Development Minister and department Take Certain Immediate action Or else We May Also see a Building collapse In Bangalore in the Near future Killing Innocent Laborers
We Hope The efforts of Ex corporate rs will Yield Some Positive Result
N vikramsimha ,Trustee RTI study Center & KRIA Katte , #12 Sumeru Sir M N Krishna Rao Road , Basvangudi < Bangalore 560004.

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