Thursday, May 27, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Re: Fwd: [Indiarti] CIC to approach SC as ICs refuse to work


FIRST OF ALL, the CIC PIO(s) must immediately update the section 4
disclosure, insofar as "decision making procedure" is concerned, where
all this corrupt expatte business goes on in defiance of prescrbed rules.

SECOND: yes, Mr Mallapragada Ramarao, we also want the CIC to heal
itself quickly for
better transparency to citizens, using the bitter serum of this judgment.

THIRD, if sanity prevails at CIC, they would have to swallow another bitter
medicine of going to SC and asking for stay. This is a very bitter medicine
but necessary.

Obiter: There are too many people advising a weak C'IC to avoid taking
bitter measures and let the systemic cancer within to keep on spreading


On 5/27/10, Manoj Pai <> wrote:
> Kindly igonre the earlier mail as it was sent out earlier by mistake.
> Would some of our learned friends, please provide or if possible try to get
> the following information from the CIC's Office :
> a) Total number of Complains / First Appeal sent back to the applicant,
> quoting the CIC Management Regulations, on the grounds that they had not
> provided proof of serving the copies of the notices to the respondents i.e.
> the CPIO & FAA or Public Authority.
> b) Total number of review appeals rejected that there were no provision for
> review appeals in the CIC Management Regulations.
> c) Total number of ex-parte decision orders issue without hearing the
> appellant, since the time the CIC Management Regulations were enforced.
> d) Since the HC has ruled that CIC cannot make its own rules, would
> their rules for giving out of turn hearing and priority treatment to Senior
> Citizens and Physically Handicapped appellants continue to be enforced?
> Manoj

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