Saturday, May 29, 2010

[rti_india] DoPT to amend RTI Act next month by ordinance route


The DoPT is unwilling to vary its settled position on constitution of CIC Benches
without amendments to the RTI Act 2005. This was informally communicated
in advance to the Secretary of the CIC on Friday. The legal  opinion obtained
from the Department of Legal Affairs was also conveyed to him.

The impasse caused by the recent order of Delhi High Court which went into the
issue of the CIC's functioning is expected to be discussed during the CIC's
monthly meeting on 2nd June, who are expected to recommend that an ordinance
be issued to get around the situation where deciding RTI appeals is construed
as contempt of the Court. Several Information Commissioners have already
expressed their concern with the judgement and its consequences. Prof M M Ansari
the senior-most Information Commissioner had also aired his personal view
that there is no option now except to amend the law and preserve the statutory
autonomy of the Information Commissions against interference from the Courts

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