Monday, May 31, 2010

[rti_india] Full Benches scrapped as ICs go on "leave"


Dear Sarbajit,

With 3 "Full Bench" hearings scheduled on 9-June-2010 involving IC Tiwariji
including the controversial Manohar Parikkar matter CIC Habibullah is hard
pressed to justify the Constitution of these Benches.

On the other hand, the second IC involved in your DDA matter has taken the
"smart" way out to avoid any possibility of contempt. He is proceeding on leave
and simply refusing / avoiding hearing DDA related matters.

This is now the time for bold leadership, and Mr Habibullah must publicly
explain what is going on vis-a-vis the recent judgement of the High Court
and the CIC's official position on this question. The sooner the better.


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