Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[IAC#RG] Complaint from "Delhi Dialogue Commission" website

The Secretary
Dept of Administrative Reforms

cc: Chief Secretary/GoNCTD for information

Re: File: 12/06/2015/DDC/AR/2283-2452


Subject: Grievance

I refer to the gazette notfn. dt. 26 March 2015 under your title
relating to setting up of some kind of ad-hoc public commission styled
as "Delhi Dialogue Commission".

Because I am aggrieved that the appellation "Commission" has been
attached to the plagiarized term "Delhi Dialogue" by Aam Aadmi Party
ministers, I am caused to know from you the specific basis in law or
Rule in the GoNCTD's "Transaction of Business Rules 1993" under which
this Commission has been appointed.

For ready reference, whereas the Union of India's Transaction of
Business Rules 1961 is very specific on appointment and procedures for
the public commissions, commissions of inquiry and ad-hoc commissions,
it appears there are no such enabling clauses for GoNCTD.

You will appreciate that under the 1993 Rules the liability devolves
upon yourself or the Chief Secretary severally for any breach or loss.

The complaint can be accessed at URL

NB: In case the complaint / grievance is not properly acknowledged
within 5 days, a vigilance complaint is generated against the
concerned department / officer by the undersigned.


Sarbajit Roy

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