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 After Salman Khan and Jaylalthaji's and then Shri reddy's case and their acquital it is strange we still trust the judicial systemj, The system is no where litigants' friendly. . Perhaps it is better to remain in jail but do not go to to cumbersome, expensive or the user unfriendly lawyers and the judicial system. The day is not far when Shri Lalooji will be exhonerated of all charges and will be their to rule Bihar again .
 We are approaching towards Banana republic where the value of promises made on the floor of parliament is not fulfilled.
Vijoy Ambasta 

On 11 May 2015 at 20:41, Venkatraman Ns <> wrote:

India Against Corruption

                                                               WHEN PEOPLE LOSE FAITH IN JUDICIARY , CONSEQUENCES CAN BE ALARMING

After several years of trial in a killing case, an actor was held guilty by the court and jail term awarded. But, he got bail in a few hours  from another judge. After several years of trial in a corruption case, a Chief Minister was found guilty and awarded jail term and hefty fine. But, after a few months, a higher court judge called her innocent and acquitted everyone involved totally. Now, one wonders which judge is right and which judge is wrong.

While rich politicians and cinema actors seem to have the last laugh, there are thousands of dharidhranarayanas in India who stay in jail for lesser crime for several years without being heard. Are they not as much Indians as the cinema actor driving his car on a pavement dweller and rich politician indulging in corrupt practices ? Are we settling down for this sort of democracy in India ?

An average common man in India, millions of whom do not have any political affiliation have already lost faith in the politicians in power and bureaucracy. He has been thinking that the judiciary is ultimate conscience keeper of the country. But, when judiciary give judgements with so much of contradiction between one judge and the other and  providing  bail and relief to the convicted actor and politicians with  great speed and with  many judges in India already having been accused of corrupt practices in the past, people  tend to develop doubts about judiciary too.

Now, what can a common man do , if he loses faith in politicians in power, bureaucrats and judges? It is alarming to think about such situation and the possibilities.


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