Saturday, May 23, 2015

[IAC#RG] Why India has remained a developing country with poor denied basic necessities of life including housing?

Dear All,

In the so far prevalent Scandalous Collegium System, Upper Caste Male Judges Secretly Selected & Secretly Promoted Upper Caste Male Judges to occupy Positions at High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

These Upper Caste Male Judges Hear Cases at Own Whims and Fancy & Not FIFO (First In First Out).

These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Bureaucrats.

These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Corporates.

These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Ministers.

These Upper Caste Male Judges get Positions of  Power even after they have Retired as Judges ensuring their Dominance in Governance System.

Nothing surprising then that India remains a corrupted country with Justice denied to Commoners as Litigants - Petitioners or Respondents.

Only Totally Transparent, Objective and Democratic Selection / Promotion System can help Worthy to be Judges to Deliver Justice that has been denied to We the People so far.


(Babubhai Vaghela)
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