Wednesday, May 27, 2015


India Against Corruption                            

                                                      IS ELECTION COMMISSION NOW FOLLOWING MODEL SET BY  JUDICIARY ?

Most of Indians now think that judiciary is no more the conscience keeper of India. The recent verdict acquitting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and giving bail to a rich actor in a few hours of conviction have only reinforced this view.

Just like judiciary, Election Commission is another constitutional body. While, in the past,  Election Commission has proved itself to be a weak body that cannot enforce rules effectively and has gained image as a paper tiger, now Election Commission is also suspected of deliberately favouring a politician.

The decision of the Election Commission to order by poll in a constituency in  Chennai within ten days of the vacancy arising that would facilitate the present Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to contest election, is shocking. There is no precedent that Election Commission has acted so fast in ordering by poll. Should we be so naïve as to believe that election commission has now become super efficient?

As Election Commission is now widely suspected, it owes an explanation as to what are the guidelines for ordering the by poll with regard to the number of days after the vacancy arising and why has it taken several months in ordering by polls on several other cases in the past.  Will the Election Commission  assure that in future , all by elections will be ordered within ten days of vacancy arising.

It is extremely depressing that constitutional body like Election Commission is behaving in such suspicious manner. Do the Election Commissioners understand the grave implication of acting in such partisan manner and do they realise that people losing confidence in constitutional body like Election Commission will lead to grave consequences?


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