Sunday, May 17, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] Farmers strugle- mr Gaur

Salman Khan out
Charges dropped
If it is you and me
We are already inside the jail
Sunil Dutta 5 years jail term
Spends half of the 5 years out of jail
Laloo Prassad convicted but out on some special bail
Ex PM case stayed by the
SC and asked the trial court judge to appear and explain why
So many cases either given interim or extended bail or something or the other
Is there any means to stop all these things so that we're stand equal in the eyes of law
Can we change these laws and replace by some very objective short highly understandable without any ambiguity and no room for manipulation and misinterpretation?
With that all earlier rulings of the highest should be made inapplicable from a cutoff date so that the present day smart lawyers will not be able to quote and argue. 

On 9 May 2015 22:24, "Gaur J K" <> wrote:

Mr. Jain
I am traveling will there4 be brief. If every one can take care of himself and his family where is the problem? We are on this forum mostly professionals or were professional and to that extent priledged. But a vast majority are not so. V are speaking for that majority whether it is farmer or other rural or urban poor.
Society has ceased to exist as an institution and the govt. Has become the all powerful institution. But if the govt. Fails to do what is expected to do what are v supposed to do. In these times you can do nothing as individual but a lot collectively..

On 9 May 2015 11:09, Anil Jain <> wrote:
In my opinion the biggest problem is that no on wants to improve. No matter how big we talk but at the bottom of it, we have adjusted ourselves to live like this. I have been seeing so many mails exchange every day. Can anyone  tell what improvement it has done to the society. Even the fraction of improvement is not visible, instead it is deteriorating day by day.
Everyone is working for themselves, for their own benefits. Even the moderator of this group is no exception, probably!!!!!!!!!

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 6:38 PM, SURESHAN P <> wrote:

Issue is almost same in every sector lack of proper regulations and governments unwanted intervention. Starting from inadequate storage facility, improper transportation ,unregulated market ,unregulated money lenders and government controlled banks reluctant approach all are affecting very badly. We are very far from the real term good governance .a single method will not solve any of our problems .

On May 8, 2015 1:19 PM, "Dr. J. K. Chaudhry" <> wrote:
My dad,B.Sc.agriculture 1920 Lyallpur quoted ," When people talk of charms of farming,they see the beautiful 4 pm sunset,not the, morning 4 am ,when he is out on the field,BEFORE the morning lark "
He was called to the bar ,in absentia ,in 1928, practiced law.
After becoming refugees,took back to farming ,in Ludhiana,on a piece of land ,described as " Banjar Qadeem " in land records as back as 1905 ! Barren since ages.
He reclaimed it successfully. Latter ,students of Panjab Agriculture College were sent on field visit to his farm.
What did I do? Became surgeon in Indian Railways ! armchair pseudo intellectual 

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On May 7, 2015, at 2:04 PM, Holiday Bash International <> wrote:

Your mail is a really an eye opener Why can farmers not form co-operative society and hold market and sell directly to the consumer and finish the midle man
Amarjit Lidder

On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 7:45 AM, <> wrote:
The single killing factor of the farmer is market fluctuation or rather market manipulated. Banana fetching rs 15 per kg has crashed to Rs 3 per kg. Ginger which was Rs 300 twoyears ago has come down to rs 30 per kg for the farmer. The sad fact is that the consumer price of these items have not fallen proportionately. Banana sells atRs 40 per dozen in retail shop. One dozen is one and half kg of standard size; it may be even 2 or 3 kg. In a dozen. When farmer gets rs 4 and paise fifty; the retailer takes Rs 40! It is a cruel system of govt control and midle men.
I am an army officer who volunteered out early (1993) to take up farming and broke my back. I did proper scientific farming; the first one in Belgaum to take up tissue culture and drip irigation; took bank loan of Rs 16 lakhs ; even opened own wholesale godown to survive!  I did many other things to earny(security business , garment retail , civil contract and hotel) and suport the farm.  Yet I was drowned in debt, the demand from bank acumulated to Rs 54 lakhs! Can u believe? I had to sell my farm to avoid
It is not easy to survi
ve in farmingm something is roten in the country which is not accepted by the chair bound. You don't find many Agri graduates doing farming. They prefer to be consultants and traders in poison( pesticides n weedicides) !

The input cost goes up as per subsidy which is gulped by the manufacturers if irigaion systems and officials who are in the ladder to sanction subsidy

Major K M mathews (retd)
A defeated farmer
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