Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Re: [IAC#RG] Counter-Comments to responses on paper no.2/2005 "OTT services"

1) Shri A. Robert J. Ravi, Advisor <>
2) Thomas Varghese, Joint Advisor /TRAI


With reference to your email below in file F305-14/2014-QoS

Your email has been considered widely by India Against Corruption movement.

Accordingly, we respectfully decline to modify our counter-comments
only so that it can be published on website of TRAI.

The said explicit images we filed form an integral part of our
submissions and were filed in larger public interest to inform the
TRAI of the motives and antecedents of the SAVETHEINTERNET.IN group
which has spammed the present consultation process. The association of
this group and their volunteers with online gambling and online
pornography industry is readily apparent.

It is a shame that certain TSPs like RCOM and AIRCEL have been
promoting the obscenities originating from this group's sponsors in
the guise of ZEROPAID schemes.

As public spirited citizens we fully expect the TRAI to act
expeditiously on our submissions by taking strong penal and punitive

All submissions and evidences made by the undersigned to TRAI
concerning the OTT services consultation paper are pressed and none
are abandoned / waived.


Sarbajit Roy
India Against Corruption
B-59, Defence Colony,
New Delhi-110 024.

Tel :08010205897

On 5/19/15, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
> To:
> 1) Shri A. Robert J. Ravi, Advisor <>
> 2) Thomas Varghese, Joint Advisor /TRAI
> cc: subscribers to India Against Corruption
> cc: Dr. Gulshan Rai / DEITY
> Sir
> With reference to your email below.
> I hereby confirm that I sent a counter-comment on 8 May 2015 as
> mentioned in your email under reply.
> I further confirm/assert that the "explicit" content was directly
> relevant to the subject consultation and formed an integral part of my
> submissions. All the "explicit" content has been previously forwarded
> formally to the concerned officers of Department of Information
> Technology/Govt of India concerning the grossly obscene pornography
> being distributed by a foreign OTT provider M/s WIKIMEDIA in India
> under so-called ZEROPAID arrangements with some mobile TSPs who are
> regulated by TRAI. Accordingly, the "explicit" content I had annexed
> was "taken down" from M/s WIKIMEDIA's Indian website after I
> complained to various officers.
> NB: "ZEROPAID" schemes and walled internet gardens are the subject of
> the TRAI's consultation paper on which public comments were
> solicited..
> I had also previously informed you that the REGISTRANT address for
> domains WIKIMEDIA.IN and SAVETHEINTERNET.IN are one and the same.
> Accordingly, it is India Against Corruption's position during this
> consultation process that the 1 million "spam" responses to this
> consultation have originated as a cynical conspiracy by foreign online
> gambling, gaming and pornography service providers via foreign
> financed lobby groups like "Centre for Internet and Society" -
> Bengaluru, who are behind the so-called SAVETHEINTERNET.IN campaign
> and in whose name/address the domain SAVETHEINTERNET.IN admittedly
> used to send the bulk of email spam responses to TRAI's servers is
> registered.
> We have also called upon TRAI to prosecute these persons under the law
> of the land, as you are duty bound to do. The fact that "Centre for
> Internet and Security" receives hundreds of thousands of US dollars
> annually from WIKIMEDIA is in all the newspapers in addition to being
> posted on their website.
> India Aqainst Corruption therefore condemns the email communication
> under reply received from TRAI that we should censor our pleadings and
> delete our evidences with a view to prevent the citizens of India from
> knowing the antecedents and motivates of the persons behind the
> so-called SAVETHEINTENET.IN campaign.
> We hereby also call upon TRAI to PUBLICLY clarify that when any person
> could download huge quantities of such "explicit" content free of
> charge using ZEROPAID schemes of RCOM, AIRCEL etc over mobile phones
> either without paying internet access charges or only some token fixed
> charges, how it is the TRAI now hypocritically directs me that IAC's
> graphic evidence of such licence breaches cannot be published by TRAI
> during formal statutory processes. Such hypocrisy reeks of corruption,
> coverup and some pre-determined agenda in TRAI's consultation
> processes.
> Nonetheless, and without prejudice, we shall be sending our amended
> counter-comments within 48 hours, but under very strong protest. Our
> evidences shall be sent separately and we strongly urge you to
> investigate /inquire / prosecute the perpetrators, as you are duty
> bound to do.
> sincerely
> Sarbajit Roy
> India Against Corruption
> B-59, Defence Colony,
> New Delhi-110 024.
> Tel :08010205897
> On 5/19/15, A. Robert J. Ravi, Advisor <> wrote:
>> Date: 19-05-2015
>> To
>> Mr. Sarbajit Roy,
>> India Against Corruption
>> B-59, Defence Colony,
>> New Delhi-110 024.
>> Subject : Counter comments of India Against Corruption against
>> response to M/s AT&T in Consultation Paper No.2/2015.
>> This is to bring to your notice that TRAI has received a comment on above
>> cited subject from the email on 8th May, 2015 at 12.06
>> PM.
>> The counter comments, so received, contain explicit content.
>> Accordingly,
>> it has not been uploaded on TRAI's website.
>> 2. You are hereby requested to confirm if the counter comments
>> have
>> been sent by you through your email id. If so, you are given an
>> opportunity
>> to modify your comments to remove explicit contents so that it may be
>> considered for uploading on TRAI's website. Please note that the
>> modified
>> content shall be uploaded on TRAI's website within two working days from
>> the
>> date of receipt of modified comments. In case no comments are received
>> by
>> 21st May, 2015, it will be presumed that you have nothing to state in the
>> matter.
>> (Thomas Varghese)
>> Joint Advisor

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