Monday, June 20, 2016


The BJP government in Goa has selected Saresh Lotlikar to be the next Advocate General but has also announced that the outgoing incumbent Atmaram Nadkarni now appointed as the Additional Solicitor General in Delhi will continue as a virtually super AG and represent the State in some  creamy matters including Mining cases. Are we to presume that the government is of the opinion that Saresh Lotlikar is not competent enough and has only anointed him to be a lame duck AG?

To add to Goa's deepening financial crisis the government has resolved to appoint Dattaprasad Lawande who is Atmaram Nadkarni's very close relative as the Additional Advocate General.

Ironically Atmaram Nadkarni as Advocate General always rightly opined that Goa being a very small state did not require to be burdened with an Additional Advocate General. But he has now made a U turn only to benefit his Parivar. Goa is indeed in a state of organized chaos, disorder and lawlessness.         

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