Monday, June 27, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Verification of your student/examinee

Shri N.S. Keshkamat
The Indian Institute of Architects.


Many thanks for your email of today below concerning architectural qualification of your associate member Shri Satyendar Kr. Jain no. A-08990. Please find my response below:

1) That the IIA evaded replying to my email dt. 11.May.2016 on this question until I circulated the issue of qualification of Mr. Jain to Chief Minister of Delhi and also membership of India Against Corruption vide my email dated 20 June 2016.
2) That a letter from CoA to IIA dated 27.April 2016 CA/5/Academic-IIA (PDF copy attached) implies that only Associate Members of IIA who passed AMIIA exams after 2002 are eligible to register as architects with CoA. Mr. Jain (as per his diverse electoral affidavits) apprently passed your AMIIA exams in either 1991 or 1992 (date unclear)

3) That only architects registered with CoA are allowed to practice architecture. Between 1 Jan 2014 and 20 June 2016 Mr.Jain was shown as a "defaulter" on rolls of CoA. The current status is that he has thereafter very recently somehow regularised his enrollment with CoA, quite obviously subsequent to my complaint to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (CM Delhi) dt. 20.June.2016.  I carefully note that IIA has only replied to me (describing Mr. Jain as "Ar.") after Mr. Jain re-entered the CoA rolls.
: Screenshots from CoA website dt. 20-June-2016 and 27-June-2016 are attached for your reference.

4) Given this background, I specifically seek to know from IIA the variations in associate membership status, if any, and exact dates of passing AMIIA exams for Mr. Satyendar Kr. Jain. Also, if Mr. Jain has ever been irregular or a defaulter (as he was with CoA) in his associate membership of IIA, the citizens/voters of Delhi are entitled to know each and every thing about it.

I hope that you will reply to me very promptly and truthfully and without evasion since the equivalence of the AMIIA examination with those of, say, the regular B.Arch courses is subject to certain conditions as you well know.


Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
India Against Corruption, jan andolan
B-59 Defence Colony,
New Delhi 110024
M: +91-8010205897

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 2:27 AM, IIA Voice of Indian Architects. <> wrote:
We write with reference to your email on the above mentioned subject.  In this regard, we would like to inform you that as per our record Ar. Satyendar Kumar Jain 
 is our Valid  Associate Member bearing membership no. A-08990.


N S Keshkamat

The Indian Institute of Architects.
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