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Kindly get it clear, these idiots and MODI BHAKT are ordered not to mail me. I would sue them if they continued this non sense crap of failure on all fronts i.e..Modi on my mail id.
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Rajeev Yadav, 

Advocate, Supreme Court of India,   
National President,
(B.Sc., M.B.A., LL.M., P.G.P. (Human Rights)

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From: Mahesh Khera <>
To: Gopalkrishnan iyer <>; "" <>; John Philipose <>
Sent: Monday, 20 June 2016 12:55 PM

Frankly, the nation is disappointed with these self styled commentators. They have zero to contribute positively for nation building but must be negative in all their views. Not many indeed, but minuscule of them. These guys need to be just left out for themselves to see the performance of the nation and then take a call.

If 5 % of the people are not satisfied, so be it. India moves on and these 5% also have right to dissent in a free nation but India would not stop to take certificate from these 5% people before marching on relentlessly as it is doing with whole political force and might hell bent, come what may, upon scuttling this selfless honest chai wala. He is not perfect but is the best today.

Just keep one thing in mind alone all these 5% guys, only courageous fellow in the history of India who retired his own party elders gracefully lest they became Lutyens and same story of UPA got repeated scams after scams, bribes after bribes, crime after crime, subsidy after after, crippling after crippling of EWS and many more, just ask yourself the answer to this Q, you would know the truth.
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Mahesh Khera

From: Gopalkrishnan iyer <>
To: "" <>; John Philipose <>
Sent: Thursday, 9 June 2016, 12:11

Some people want wrestlers to win the bout after tying up their hands and legs! Modi is attempted to be tied down by all in the opposition and still he wriggles out of the constraints to perform for the country and him! Certain comments like this at the moment is like looking at a crawling child of nine months and commenting that this child will not walk! Assuming without admitting that Modi has several short comings, he being a doer we should give him more and more productive work and try to tier him!

On Thursday, 9 June 2016 8:38 AM, P.C.Pandian <> wrote:

In denacracy, people elect their dictator. Why did you elect some BJP MLAs at all? You deserve to be toppled. Can they topple in T.N. or Kerala?
We have not come this far because of the politicians; but 'in spite of them'. The moment we call a +2 failed cheat as Minister for education or a tea master as Electricity Minister, we are dating doom. Your duty is to do your bit to the nation and ask not what the nation has todone to you. Above all,ignore politics, they are not worth your attention and time. Regards.
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On May 18, 2016 11:22 AM, John Philipose <> wrote:
Dear Sir, I am of the opinion that it is almost impossible to move the bureaucracy. Unless they are toppled the nation would never move ahead. Politicians are just pawns in their hands and they manipulate them with ease. The IAS has to be replaced by respective cadres in the respective ministries e.g Medical experts for Health Ministry, Rail experts for Rail Ministry, Defence Uniformed personnel for Defence Ministry, Shipping experts for Shipping Ministry, Financial wizards for the Finance ministry, Police chiefs for Home Ministry etc etc.

Unless the above is achieved, a politician can do nothing, even if he happens to be Narendra Modi. Modi thought he could handle them in 50 months but they proved smarter. Maybe he needs more time to de worm the nation of bureaucrats.


On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 6:53 AM, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:
The Narendra Modi government is completing two years and has failed on all counts while throttling even basic democratic values. The foul modus operandi of high-handedly destabilizing elected governments in non-BJP ruled states must be stoutly deprecated. The right lessons must be learnt from Uttarakhand. India may be publicly acclaimed as the world's largest democracy but the ground reality is that we are now ebbing away from Democracy with no transparency in the functioning of the Government. Any person attempting to tell the Government that all is not well, gets manhandled. An opponent is incarcerated as a seditionist! 
Narendra Modi rode to power vowing that he will do in 50 months what others had not done in 50 years. He had promised 'Acche din' for the Aam Aadmi and Good governance but his then enthusiasm for freedom has been waning away and we now have an emerging culture of surveillance and secrecy.  Over the last two years he has only been blabbering and merrily touring the world. Fascism is at its peak, with sheer intolerance to any criticism
It is no secret that the BJP government is geared, controlled, and manipulated by the RSS and the VHP who are de

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