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Hi, Non-violence was not invented by Mahathma I agree. Basically most, if not all, the great books of various religions preach nonviolence. It is not only of Hindus. But Mahathma and nonviolence has become synonymous because it is Mahatma who practiced nonviolence in such magnitude and set example tof the world. Winning war, killing people, defeating some body, testing nuclear bomb etc gives too much of  thrills to certain section of people. Greatness of leaders is not by the reflection of such achievements. But people those who get thrilled with such adventure will appreciate and encourages their leaders to behave like that and will condemn leaders those who are more peace loving and who resorts to use of power and might only as a deterrent. 
Difference between people are basically only in such aspects in various degrees. Not a problem so long as the people of the country are sensible enough to understand this and put efforts to coexist peacefully and happily.
Let us learn to accept others as they are and coexist peacefully with differnt ideologies and other differences. Other wise we the people of India will be sealed as intolerant. It will affect our growth and our dream to become a developed country will remain as a dream. Let us try to avoid such a situation. 
Jai Hind
Alex Verghese

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We are citizens of a country where Mahathma lived and earned independence for our country and has set example for the world. Influence of such great leaders fading is not a good sign. 

Problem of Indians is to give all credit of Independence to GANDHI/NEHRU only. 
WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO SACRIFICED EVERY THING FOR THE SAKE OF INDEPENDENCE? Not a single National project is named after them. WHY NOT? Can any one give one good reason?
World wide it is believed that Non-Violence was invented by MAHATMA GANDHI, Is it true or Hindus believe this through their scriptures? 

Yes positivity must be praised so did Atal Ji praised Indira Gandhi after POKHARAN AND BANGALADESH WAR VICTORY. 
Give me one such event during UPA1 & UPA2 which is praise worthy? Only thing they did was to blame Narendra MODI during his 12 years as Gujarat CM. 
Honesty is in short supply in supporters of Dynasty. 

Keep in touch. 
Dr. Ambekar 

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Dear all, Have patience to hear others point of view and have a heart to respect others views. All parties and leaders have some possitives and some negatives. No body is perfect. While I pointed out some haste in dealing in foreign affairs etc it doesn't mean that there are no positives of the govt and PM. Very good are the intentions but the path adopted are not effective in several cases. There are several scams also as we all know but that is not the issue
 In this vast country some thing or other like this will happen. How it is handled is the question. Soft approach to few and harsh approach to those opposing any move are not expected from the govt and the leaders at the level of PM who are supposed to take care of every citizen with only good intention of correcting the situation. Leaders should have compassion to all and greatness and should not have arrogance, harshness and vengeance. Modi has good intention and has good qualities but his compulsions to toe the line of several influential people in the party are influencing his deeds.We are citizens of a country where Mahathma lived and earned independence for our country and has set example for the world. Influence of such great leaders fading is not a good sign. 
On basis of the promises and his dynamism I had also contributed in a very humble way to bring him in power and it is not that I don't appreciate the good he does.  Unfortunately things are not going in right direction as of now in many aspects. 

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Dear Dr. Ambekarji,
You are right. I think, we can give benefit of doubt to J. Nehru about his sincerity and to his subsequent two heirs about their nationalism; but not to the present occupants who are trying to loot India with both the hands.

V. S. Sardesai

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Dear Vasant Sardesai Ji
Yes Dynasty is favourite of pseudo-secularists. Nehruvian Congress made sure that Minority appeasement keeps majority out of decision making. Dynasty is the term coined by "WESTERN DEMOCRACIES" to keep the family in power as if it is "PROVIDENTIAL DISPENSATION". 
India has been divided more after 1947 at least I believe. I don't want to comment/discuss with die hard Dynasty supporters. 
Keep in touch. 
Dr. Ambekar 

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On 24 Jun 2016, at 06:25, vasant sardesai <> wrote:

Dear Dr. Ambekarji,
Here is another critic of Modiji who never opened his mouth or spoke a word during the regime of the dynasty. It appears that these critics liked the regime of the dynasty which looted India with both the hands and want it back to loot further.
V. S. Sardesai

On Thursday, 23 June 2016 10:10 PM, Alex P Verghese <> wrote:

A stage what existed in India 60 years and the stage we reached - just have a look. For this we and our leaders had to slog and struggle a lot. Contribution by our great leaders who brought up this country to this respected level of diplomatic relations with the developed wold has made Modi''s work simple to establish an initial repot. But unfortunately the respect we earned earlier is fading away with the over enthusiasm and taking for granted approach. Does he not know what is diplomatic approach. Dealing with developed countries and their leaders will no doubt be very warm because of their diplomacy but what is behind can't be easily known. Now that his grip is being lost he started pleasing all big leaders for  favours and he is practically dinishing the countries image and also it''s sovereignty. Opening up of economy for FDI''s to loot the country and assuring and undertaking several difficult responsibility to fight against terrorism etc are such examples. Which developed country who value the life of their jawans will not like if we give military assistance and sacrificing our jawans life. 
Other countries are taking full advantage of our prime minister. His intentions are good as is the case with any prime minister but his exposure is too low in dealing international matters effectively. Good speach is soothening to ears and telling things which every body likes to hear can win heart of an average citizen of our country. But he will also be upset when things are done differently and not able to deliver. This is why matured people give less promises and tries to deliver results. Being a prime minister he has to be more cautious in dealing in the foreign affairs before getting more exposed. Hatred being created with neibouring countries and with in the country is  of grave concern. US may support India selectively to fulfill some of their agenda but as a country we shouldn't be allowed to be used by others. 

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Those who criticise Narendra Modi's leadership must go back 60 years of history with Wars with Pakistan, scams, loot, nepotism, murders, and what not and compare Modi ji's two years of administration. 
English Media is paid media and it will take time for them to change. Once the payment stops things will change. Western English media too is not so friendly to India and Modi Ji in particular. Western English is not so crude and is very diplomatic when they say any thing about India and Modi Ji for sure.
Vigilance is the name of the game.


Madhukar Ambekar

On 18 May 2016, at 07:05, vasant sardesai <> wrote:

What an analysis? I hope he will at least agree that at least for the last two years no new scam has surfaced and that they have not looted the country with both the hands as the earlier regime has done.

V. S. Sardesai

On Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:06 AM, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:

The Narendra Modi government is completing two years and has failed on all counts while throttling even basic democratic values. The foul modus operandi of high-handedly destabilizing elected governments in non-BJP ruled states must be stoutly deprecated. The right lessons must be learnt from Uttarakhand. India may be publicly acclaimed as the world's largest democracy but the ground reality is that we are now ebbing away from Democracy with no transparency in the functioning of the Government. Any person attempting to tell the Government that all is not well, gets manhandled. An opponent is incarcerated as a seditionist! 
Narendra Modi rode to power vowing that he will do in 50 months what others had not done in 50 years. He had promised 'Acche din' for the Aam Aadmi and Good governance but his then enthusiasm for freedom has been waning away and we now have an emerging culture of surveillance and secrecy.  Over the last two years he has only been blabbering and merrily touring the world. Fascism is at its peak, with sheer intolerance to any criticism
It is no secret that the BJP government is geared, controlled, and manipulated by the RSS and the VHP who are deeply entrenched in their very divisive ideology. The people of India are now seeing through NaMo's vicious game plan with the chorus already bugling 'BJP Hatao Desh Bachao'. 
Governance by cloak of secrecy and opaqueness needs to be strongly resisted. It cannot be a hush-hush regime. We need to dismantle those walls of secrecy that continue to hound transparency and good governance. Over the last two years the poor have become poorer but only the BJP has become very cash rich.  In those very words of  Narendra Modi 'Sabko sanmati de bhagwan' (Let good sense prevail). It is only time that the voices will speak. Jai Hind!

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