Saturday, June 25, 2016


We know that we know nothing about " Hindutva " or " Hinduism "
What all we know is that NO religion aboars discontent. All real religions emphasize freedom of thought, tolerance, brotherhood, peace and tranquillity. Religion doesn't teach 1. Kill for not believing what you believe. 2. Burn for eating what you don't want him to eat 3. Shoot for pleading with you to be rational. What sort of civilization we have brought ourselves to be? When Pracharaks are ministers and P.M. can we expect better? Regards.
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On Jun 22, 2016 6:59 PM, vasant sardesai <> wrote:
What do you know about Hindutva or Hinduism or its ideology? So also before asking the question were will the other religions and castes should go what do you know about secularism and why so you say that Hindutva is killing the most important aspect of secularism when the only religion which practices secularism is Hinduism? Kindly study what is Hinduism before asking such question and don't go by propaganda.

V. S. Sardesai

On Monday, 20 June 2016 7:12 PM, Anees Jafrey <> wrote:

I am just here to ask the question:

1. Why is the ideology of BJP as hindutva? Where will the other religions and cast should go while they are killing the most important aspect of Secularism?
2. It clearly shows the roots of BJP from RSS based on their attire - ideology, flag and their administrative decisions. Can anybody prove this wrong?

On Monday, June 20, 2016 1:23 PM, Gopalkrishnan iyer <> wrote:

Many highly educated and academic people are jealous of Modi's intellect and acumen! Mody has a natural capability to understand all that aspects needed for an administrator besides a will to do, do do and do! Modi has a say in anything be it administrative, technical, commercial, students, women, young ones, health -whatever it may be. If he lac knowledge in an area he quickly learns it and equip himself to deal with the matter! For the good of the contry's poor we all need to strengthen Modi's hand till next election when we wait patiently for the out come of the election!

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