Tuesday, June 28, 2016


See the type of chaos created by present BJP govt.  They want to suppress all opposing voices and run the country the way they want. It is highly damaging to our country. Direction for the country is decided by the people and not by any leader or a party. People know how to bring some one to power and how to throw them out. Strong opposition is very important for a democracy like ours. Present govt doesn't have tolerance. Even during congress time dectotarial ruling was witnessed during emergency. Thank God for better sense prevailed and election was conducted. A some what more power crazy person could have continued with dectotarial rule and could have damaged our country beyond repair. Today's rulers are no way less capable and advisors are really capable to take power in hand. What for are they wanting a party like congress having long standing and who came to rescue when ever experiments with different leadership failed be rooted away. Why Delhi CM be harassed to this extend. Why so much problems created in UP. Who ever are strong leaders attack goes to them by trying to align with others unless they lay their arms. If the present govt is wanting a cake walk sorry they will realise that citizen of this country are not fools. But unfortunately we will loose a wonderfull opportunity to witness ache din which we are all dreaming and is the reason to  bring Modiji to power. What we can achieve in next 3 years if every thing goes well is what we should target. For that It the leaders have to  realise that you can't rule a country by frightening or by creating terror. Modiji''s intentions are good and he has the will to do and only the path need be reviewed. Hope that better sense will prevail. 

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how you can say 80% delhi wala are satisfied with Kejriwal?
he is very shroud cunning politician, all his claims in advertisements are bogus.
I asked under RTI details of his claims regarding making 5 crore dispensary in 15 lacs, giving subsidy in water and electricity by savings made by reducing corruption. I got 27 letters sending my application from one department to another. Only reply i got was Rs15 lacs is cost of only furnishing, no equipment or premises cost. WILL YOU CALL HIM HONEST?


On Tuesday, June 28, 2016 12:05 AM, Adhikaar The Rights Path <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net> wrote:

Mr DUTT, kindly see world with open eyes , rather then making your choice open despite terrorist type treatment to veterans by mr Modi and Rs 1000 crores spent on advts for celebrating rhetoric. As wrt Kejriwal 80 percent of ppl in Delhi are satisfied. Kindly enlighten me about electoral promises of mr Modi n biryani n love letter plus black money. Your rhetorics are great as you can't see BJP n Modi day in and day out on media. Same way few ppl in forces had seen Kargil 

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On 23-Jun-2016, at 7:26 AM, Sn Datt <captsndatt@gmail.com> wrote:

I for one am much disappointed in kejriwal. He fooled me for sure.
I was a strong supporter and I contributed to his campaign from my hard earned pension money.
However he has proved to be just like any other self seeking politician.
His basic obsession is to be seen on the same leval as Modiji. Although he does not even remotely come anywhere near the PM in any facet of personality or performance.
I will certaily NOT VOTE for him any more. People with similar views are increasing daily.
Sqn ldr sn datt retd
On 23 Jun 2016 03:59, "SURESHAN P" <sureshandelhi@gmail.com> wrote:
Good or bad kejriwal will live through media, he is clever enough to trap BJP all the time. Water tanker FIR is another googly which is going to give advantage to him. Every time BJP is getting trapped


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On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:05 PM, barbara ali <indiaresists@lists.riseup.net> wrote:
The Congress Vichardhara Sangathan is inneed of loyal leaders all round our Indian States  .. any one interested may feel free to join me.. God Bless.

Barbara Thyab Ali.
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CVS Anglo-Indians Cell.
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 there are Parliamentary Secretaries in almost all states.
 How do you explain that? Why target Kejriwal only? R.N.Malhotra
 Former Chairman Railway Board

        From: Aires Rodrigues
  Sent: Tuesday, June 14,
 2016 9:37 AM

 The very
 high-handed attempt by Delhi Chief
 Minister Arvind Kejriwal to try and regularize the
 appointment of his 21
 illegal Parliamentary Secretaries has only exposed the
 political bankruptcy of
 the Aam Aadmi Party. The President of India Pranab Mukherjee
 has rightly swept
 away and   binned Arvind
 Kejriwal's unlawful proposal.

 A rvind Kejriwal
 needs to be condemned for having
 ventured in appointing parliamentary secretaries despite the
 Courts having
 clearly ruled that it was unconstitutional and an unlawful
 mode to give MLAs
 cabinet status through the back door. It has only uncovered
 Arvind Kejriwal's
 deceitful portraying that his party does not have lust for
 power. While
 claiming to be clean and honest, this proposal was most
 dishonest, attempting
 to smuggle in persons with positions and perks, but by the
 back door!

 Appointment of
 parliamentary secretaries and
 conferring them with rank and status of a Cabinet Minister
 is a fraud on the
 Constitution of India. It is in rank violation of the 91st
 Amendment which was meant
 to restrict the size of the Cabinet to prevent jumbo size
 cabinets which are a
 huge financial burden to the State Exchequer.
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