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Nepal should be declared as it is world Hindu kingdom with Hindu monarchy!

Nepal and India are only the two pious Hindu countries in the world. 'Hinduism.' probably only we, two are Hindu countries in the world. I want to focus obviously is on conservation of our common identity that is Hinduism and a sustainable cordiality between our two countries. Hinduism and its cultural traditions have a long history spanning over a period of thousands and thousands of years and developed over several eras. It is understood that human civilization started to advance since the Vedic age. Among all religions of the world, Vedic-Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life. Hinduism is the mother of all religions. Hindu religion is the most personally expansive and psychologically empowering religion on earth.

Our holy literatures and great laureates have defined the term 'Hindu and Hinduism'. Kailash-Mansarowar to Hinda-Mahasagar is the original place of Hindus and Hinduism is, of course, their philosophy. The entire pious land has two major parts. The first part is Himabatkhanda that extends from the Bramhaputra in east and Kailash-Mansarowar in north to Hindukush in west and Ganga River in the south. Another second part is Bharatkhand, the great land from Ganga to Hinda-Mahasagar. An oldest and greatest civilization called Hinduism originated and developed here.

India has witnessed the historical victory of nationalist patriotic power as a democratic practice of world's largest democracy. We heartily congratulate Prime minister Sri Narendra Modi, a visionary leader. We believe Indo-Nepal relations will find new dimensions with new government of India. We are against any interference. But we always seek positive support and developmental cooperation. At this time, we are in crisis. All Nepali people want India be supportive in reinstating our lost pride-Hinduism and constitutional monarch. The Nepalese monarch always has goodwill with India. The fact is that the Nepalese monarchs held special right for carrying out ritualistic worship in many Hindu shrines and temples in India. Then, India's Hindutwa also can be dignified.

It is highly appreciable that current Indian leaders have made statements for our side. Here I want to quote some statements. Senior leader of B.J.P Lalkrishna Advani had said: 'The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal's identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy'. Present Home minister and the BJP leader Rajnath Singh said- 'We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world,' Singh said. 'I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. 'We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. 'I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. No one is appealing to the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh to become secular. But it was done in Nepal.' - 2010-3-22, in Nepal. Foreign Relations Department Chief of BJP Vijay Jolly said-' I am a Hindu who follows Hinduism. I am much upset as a decision on such an important topic was taken without taking people's opinion' July 4th 2014 Kathmandu.

We are also expecting similarly generous statements from Prime minister Mr Modi. Recently, All India Hindu Convention (28 June 2014) passed a resolution with solitaries and support to declare Nepal as a Hindu Nation.  The convention said Nepal has since time immemorial been identified as Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Nation in the form of a Devabhumi (Land of Deities), Shivbhumi (Land of Shiv), Tapobhumi (Land of penance), Gyanbhumi (Land of knowledge) and Gorakshabumi (Land of protection of cows) under the rule of Deity Shri Pashupatinath. The convention rightly remarked the reason behind declaring a secular Nation that is the anti-Hindu school of thought of the leftists. Because so called secular republic status and Democracy have been made irreversible, consequently, adversities on Dharma such as conversions, cow-slaughter has increased in Nepal. Besides, the convention warns that Nepal is on the verge of a religious-war. Eighty-two percent of the Hindus residing in Nepal are staunch followers of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. The convention also speaks our voice that Nepal once again would become a Hindu Nation. Here are three point resolutions, 1- This Convention supports morally, politically and at all the levels the local Hindus, who are making efforts so that Nepal be declared as a Hindu Nation. 2- Nepal's Parliament should declare Nepal a Hindu Nation. 3- The Secular Government of India should not interfere directly or indirectly to crush the future movement to force the Nepal Government to declare Nepal as a Hindu Nation.' We are really thankful to Upananda Brahmachari- the Editor of Struggle Hindu Existence and friends for taking the leadership for the convention.

In India 80 per cent of the population is Hindu. During the 1000 years of Muslim and English rule the Hindu shrines were destroyed and vandalized; and India desecrated and Hindu values harmed. India became Independent in 1947 after a great struggle by Indian nationalists. The constitution of the independent India declared itself 'secular'. A secular India was established following a joint effort between Hindu, Muslim and Christian's to draft a new constitution. It is not possible now to declare India a Hindu nation. It is not possible constitutionally. India should have been a Hindu nation from 1947. But Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders wanted secular system to create the harmonious among all the religions. Then, the secular tradition has established.

But during the last decade, when Congress (I) was in power, Sonia Gandhi- the widow of Rajiv Gandhi forgot the norms of secular system and its tradition.  It was a matter of grief that during Congress (I) rule Hindus became second class citizens in India. The all Indian administrative system, the intelligence and even the cabinet all became the tools of Christian. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was only a puppet. The remaining pride of Hindus of 'Bharatbarsha' was at risk during the dark period of Sonia Gandhi. Due to the corrupt regime, the people of India became furious and they supported the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Since May 2014, the BJP in power, and the BJP Govt. must reconstruct the Hindu shrines, temples and Dhams and have to inform the world the glory of Hindu religion being a secular country. Muslim and Christian's right to live freely with their respective, they must feel respected in India.  But the Hindu religion should be in top priority and there should be punished if anyone persuades others to change their religion. The Hindu nationalist party-BJP will be revered as a great party if it succeeds in persuading the Indian government.  Nepal & India should focus- the constructive role on Hinduism restoring the only one Hindu kingdom as one epitome in the world.

This will promote Hindu religion and its stature in the world. From the very beginning, the BJP and Indian PM Narendra Modi have been fighting for Hindu values and Indian nationalism. We are happy that the Hindu nationalist party has won India to keep intact the identity of India and Hinduism. However, we Nepali people are in doubt after observing the visit of Indian PM Modi who remained silent on Hinduism and monarchy in Nepal. After all, we hope that PM Modi will support constitutional monarchy and Hindu kingdom in Nepal. Being a Hindu leader Narendra Modi should carve his name on hearts of all Hindus in the world and not marble only.
Thank you
Dirgha Raj Prasai

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 9:37 AM, ravindra malhotra <> wrote:
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 Reference last Para of the mail below. Achhe Din were understood by the people exactly the way the same were detailed in the election speeches. What green lands were promised in those speeches as examples of Ache Din are yet to be seen. It is true tat he has shown lot of statesmanship in Parliament but the same is getting neutralised by unrestrained statements by BJP's fringe elements.


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From: Gaur J K <>
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Mr. Modi as PM has certainly shown strong leadership qualities both in India as well as abroad. He is being assailed for his frequent trips abroad. It only shows their ignorance of what kinds of efforts really go into these visits- diplomatically-setting agenda,planning visits, diplomatic efforts,discussions with the top leadership. No Indian Prime Minister has been able to achieve what he has done in two years.
The steps he has taken to break the stranglehold of china in the far east and Indian Ocean Islands is byitself praiseworthy. So also he has succeeded in neutralising Pakistan through strong posturing and cultivating Iran to counter china in Gwadar.
His conduct in Parliament has been equally mature and inspite of the limited ministerial talent at his dsiposal he has done very well so far in the sphere of finance, internal security,infrastructure development, federal relations etc. 
There are many more achievements- but if people choose to close their eyes, there is nothing one can do.
Those who keep on Harping on ACCHE DIN- please define what he meant and what you understood then and now? Were you exxpecting a free lunch or free for all?
English media is not going to change easily and so soon so long as the investment and meantality does not change.

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Cc:; Burkha Dutt; Prabhu Chawla; Sagarika Ghose; AamAadmi Party; Kumar Arun; Mukund Apte; Ashok Chowgule

Those who criticise Narendra Modi's leadership must go back 60 years of history with Wars with Pakistan, scams, loot, nepotism, murders, and what not and compare Modi ji's two years of administration. 
English Media is paid media and it will take time for them to change. Once the payment stops things will change. Western English media too is not so friendly to India and Modi Ji in particular. Western English is not so crude and is very diplomatic when they say any thing about India and Modi Ji for sure.
Vigilance is the name of the game.


Madhukar Ambekar

On 18 May 2016, at 07:05, vasant sardesai <> wrote:

What an analysis? I hope he will at least agree that at least for the last two years no new scam has surfaced and that they have not looted the country with both the hands as the earlier regime has done.

V. S. Sardesai

On Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:06 AM, Aires Rodrigues <> wrote:

The Narendra Modi government is completing two years and has failed on all counts while throttling even basic democratic values. The foul modus operandi of high-handedly destabilizing elected governments in non-BJP ruled states must be stoutly deprecated. The right lessons must be learnt from Uttarakhand. India may be publicly acclaimed as the world's largest democracy but the ground reality is that we are now ebbing away from Democracy with no transparency in the functioning of the Government. Any person attempting to tell the Government that all is not well, gets manhandled. An opponent is incarcerated as a seditionist! 
Narendra Modi rode to power vowing that he will do in 50 months what others had not done in 50 years. He had promised 'Acche din' for the Aam Aadmi and Good governance but his then enthusiasm for freedom has been waning away and we now have an emerging culture of surveillance and secrecy.  Over the last two years he has only been blabbering and merrily touring the world. Fascism is at its peak, with sheer intolerance to any criticism
It is no secret that the BJP government is geared, controlled, and manipulated by the RSS and the VHP who are deeply entrenched in their very divisive ideology. The people of India are now seeing through NaMo's vicious game plan with the chorus already bugling 'BJP Hatao Desh Bachao'. 
Governance by cloak of secrecy and opaqueness needs to be strongly resisted. It cannot be a hush-hush regime. We need to dismantle those walls of secrecy that continue to hound transparency and good governance. Over the last two years the poor have become poorer but only the BJP has become very cash rich.  In those very words of  Narendra Modi 'Sabko sanmati de bhagwan' (Let good sense prevail). It is only time that the voices will speak. Jai Hind!

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