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I would like to know,under which provision of the constitution  the Delhi Assembly has been given the power to summon the Lt Governor of Delhi.Delhi Assembly is an Assembly of a Union territory and not that of a state.Only the Parliament and the Assemblies of States have been given certain privileges including that of summoning and punishing people for its contempt.The action of Delhi Assembly is totally without jurisdiction.

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Now there is a news that 14 of the bills passed by the assembly have been returned by the Home Ministry for not following the procedure laid down.

Further that the Assembly wants to summon LG to appear before it.

From all these instances it can be safely concluded that he ha s delibrately and knowingly chosen to ignore the constitutional provisions and adopt a confrontational approach to LG and the Central Govt. In this he is supported by legal eagles in the HC and SC. Kapil Sibal,s name comes easily to mind who had thrown a challenge to Kejriwal during India Against Corruption Jan Andolan the he [kejriwal]should join politics to clean the system and kejriwl on  cue accepted the challenge and floated AAP. Now the Same Mr. Sibal is defending him in the courts.

Even for the Parliamentry Secretaries they knew it was wrong and still did it. None of the AAP MLAs have any record of Social service or disciple of a political party or experience of governance. So long as the media is supporting them through paid news or otherwise,they will continue to do what they have been doing so far.

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Always we tend to forget. This is the same man claimed that he is very common, honest and coming to serve people with all right ways.

He said that his organization and policies are different from all existing political parties.

Now everyone can see what is regality.
He does not even respect our PM and Constitution. Being a CM he should be courteous and well mannered.

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The very high-handed attempt by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to try and regularize the appointment of his 21 illegal Parliamentary Secretaries has only exposed the political bankruptcy of the Aam Aadmi Party. The President of India Pranab Mukherjee has rightly swept away and   binned Arvind Kejriwal's unlawful proposal.

A rvind Kejriwal needs to be condemned for having ventured in appointing parliamentary secretaries despite the Courts having clearly ruled that it was unconstitutional and an unlawful mode to give MLAs cabinet status through the back door. It has only uncovered Arvind Kejriwal's deceitful portraying that his party does not have lust for power. While claiming to be clean and honest, this proposal was most dishonest, attempting to smuggle in persons with positions and perks, but by the back door!

Appointment of parliamentary secretaries and conferring them with rank and status of a Cabinet Minister is a fraud on the Constitution of India. It is in rank violation of the 91st Amendment which was meant to restrict the size of the Cabinet to prevent jumbo size cabinets which are a huge financial burden to the State Exchequer.

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