Thursday, November 24, 2016

[IAC#RG] Digtisation and banking should merge.

I appreciate the move of demonetisation of the currency.
It can be more friendly if all govt offices, railway counters, govt hospitals and all public sector unit, toll plazas, all contract work of govt, debit cum credit card swiping machines. Then the date extention illegality would start to abolish.
I heard that if a customer swipes his card in the machine then no extra swiping charges will be charged to the customer, but the charges of about 2% including all direct and indirect charges related to the swipping machine is charged to the shopkeeper. If this charges are abolished then general public who are whole heartedly supporting the demonetization move will also start to keep the same.

Secondly I heard through some anonymous sources that govt is going to put the limit in cash in the balance sheet throughout the year. This move should also be implemented. So that All Chartered Accountant and other legal expertise cannot do the illegal work anymore.

Third and most important is that Govt should mandate banks to accept coins from the public and yes they can limit it to 100 coins per day at a time. Because when Banks are paying Rs. 20000/- in the coins then they should also accept it. Most of the banks doesnot accept saying that their currency handling counter is not in the villages. For which coin vending machines can be brought like ATM machines.

I heard many times senior politician saying accept cheques or pay in cheques. This cheque paying system cant be fully accepted because of long pending cases in court. I can accept but will the cheque will deposit money in my account is not of great surety.

I have seen in banks that they are paying to selected customers in new currency and others are going empty handed. I understand the move also. But the priority should be given to ATM machines. yes current Account holders doesnot have ATM, so to them is optional.

Ankit Khetan

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