Sunday, November 20, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Did Modi receive over Rs 55 crore from the Sahara Group asthe chief minister of Gujarat?

Dear Mr. Nalapat

Many thanks for your intervention to remind us that the honest have nothing to fear.

Perhaps it is better that we discuss some dishonest elements of our polity ? eg.

1) Sometime early this year Mr. Arun Jaitley slipped in an amendment to the Finance Bill, redefining 'Foreign' as 'Indian' for FCRA violations. Although at the time it was reported as being to get the BJP/Congress off the hook in the Vedanta payoff scam, it is now very clear this was actually done to route payments back to the ruling BJP in mega defence and other mega deals.

2) For instance foreign arms suppliers like Dassault./ Rosobornexport etc. will be able to legally route kickbacks through Indian JVs upto the limits specified where trusted people close to Mr. Modi are omni-present. The Dassault deal for Rafale jet fighters clearly indicates inevitability of such things happening espcially since the deal is apparently closed at 200% of the price Congress contracted and Mr. Anil Ambani's firm/s is now involved. Was it not also curious that Mr. Modi manufactured the aftermath of the Uri incident to slip this deal (and mega deals with Russia) past the Indian public's notoriously short-term memory ?

3) IAC is unable to understand why is Mr. Modi personally intervening to take credit for each of these actions like post-Uri, Demonetisation etc. unless he is personally benefitting in some way. Under these circumstances how can a common man believe that BJP is an honest party ?

4) Mr. Modi is also intent on turning his Govt into a rubber stamp assembly line for processing dubious deals. File notings have virtually stopped, and honest/dissident officers are shunted off. Outsiders of integrity who hold differing / contrarian views are not allowed to meet Modi and he has become very inaccessible beyond his charmed "yes men" circle of Ajit Doval and Nripendra Mishra. All these are troubling / fascist symptoms and do not bode well for BJP in medium term or for honest outspoken Indians.

Sarbajit Roy

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The honest have nothing to fear from the filthiest abuse. Freedom of speech is worth the annoyance of listening to disagreeable views

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*देश मे रहना है तो ढाई लाख का हिसाब देना पङेगा वरना 9000 करोड़ लेकर देश छोङ दो*

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