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Re: [IAC#RG] 're Shri Narasimhan's suggestion

From: "Jaivic Bharat" <>
Date: Nov 29, 2016 12:38 AMOn Nov 27, 2016 5:48 AM, wrote:

Thanks Joya;

Very well said now we have become a country of liers; cheats & ruled by crooks of highest order surrounded by psycophants.

We need to clean the system with dedicated army of 10,000 people in 100x100 Matrix based on Moral Values & Spiritual Understanding (Highest Form of Wisdom Developed by our Sages/Rishis who were actually traditional scientists not like today's Baba's which act like Shopkeepers/Sales/Marketing Agents or Pimps in Yellow Robes) which is core of Bhartiyata without which countries Soul has been sold already by pimps sitting in all nook & corners of the establishment.

Rural India/Bharat still has a hope for revival as some value system is still left in their souls for Rebuilding Bharat of our dreams/हमारे सपनों का भारत.

We have started the ball rolling for building such bharat thru Jaivic Bharat with a Campaign recently launched named (Food as a rejuvenating Medicine) FARM2016-17 focused on Healthcare & Lifestyle to begin with for reaching a critical mass.

A Concept Note is attached for anybody's ready reference in case people are interested for more details.

We can start with a 25x25 Matrix or Even 11x11 Matrix if there are people committed for Rebuilding Bharat without any hangups as it requires complete surrender to the cause without an iota of ego or selfcentred approach else Matrix will never be complete.

I am sure IAC has such committed people for the Nation. I am willing to coordinate for making it happen.

We have created a separate email ID for that in case somebody shows interest for further action.

Best Regards


On Nov 27, 2016 12:47 AM, "Prodipto Roy" <> wrote:
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I completely agree with this analysis. It hits the nail on the head. We must stop being a nation of liars, cheats and embezzlers.

This has to start with the rulers - politicians and bureaucrats. Appropriate agencies must investigate the illegally acquired assets of all IAS and provincial cadre gov't.servants and all politicians from the top to the bottom - BDOs, Patwaris, etc., and including panchayat heads and benami assets.

Indians need a new civic culture, a change of heart, a distaste for illegal activities which will, unfortunately, only come when the dishonest are found out, shamed and suitably punished, whatever their status. And we must give up the foolish belief that a dip in the holy Ganga or a gift to a god will wipe out the sins of kalpas of lying,  cheating, stealing, embezzling, and slowly killing children, women and the poor by embezzling their dues.

Joya Roy

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