Saturday, November 26, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Fwd: Bharat Bandh on 28th will please black money holders


Your information is also incorrect, only some irrelevant opposition parties like Left had called for bandh. There is no opposition bandh called on 28 Nov.

Now millions of Indians are wasting time in bank cues without getting their money.  Where has all their money gone ?

And are you speaking for the deprived or for the 1% capitalists like Mukesh Ambani who own / control 50% of India's wealth in clear violation of constitutional principles against 'The State working to prevent concentration of wealth and means of production in a few hands, and try to ensure that ownership and control of the material resources is distributed to best serve the common good'.

These 1% people (mostly banias) have achieved their wealth only through crony capitalism, systematic rigging of state institutions like public sector banks, stock and commodity exchanges, and organised manipulation/corruption of state regulatory agencies. The governments have always been in the control of such people.

What prevents the bania Modi from nationalising all companies owned by his 1% close bania friends like Ambanis, Adanis,Mittals, Jindals, Ruias etc. and redistributing their ill-gotten wealth to the poor of India they had cheated ?

Why IAC is allowing such BJP propaganda to be spread on their mailing list ?

R.S. Pabbi

On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 6:50 PM, Venkatraman Ns <> wrote:


India Against Corruption

                                             Bharat Bandh on 28th will please black money holders

Bharat bandh called by the opposition political parties on 28th November to protest against demonetisation steps of Modi government will certainly please the black money holders and corrupt persons in the country.
1% of the Indian population hold 58% of the wealth in the country. Most of these people amassed huge black money by evasion of tax and adopting unethical business practices. Most of the private educational institutions and hospitals hold huge black money apart from other agencies like real estate builders. Demonetisation is hitting them hard.

All these people are scared that unstoppable Modi government will expose them and make them behave and seize the black money kept in various forms.

These black money holders and opposition political parties want Modi to be defeated and not black money to be wiped out.

People in the lower income group realise the objective of the demonetisation and are willing to wait for the positive results  and put up with the temporary difficulties. Unfortunately, their views are not highlighted in the media.

But, the opposition political parties do not care that common man including those in the lower income group who are the daily wage earners will suffer due to bharat bandh.

Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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